Naomi Did Nothing Horribly Wrong in the 2020 Royal Rumble

In the 2020 women’s Royal Rumble match, WWE Superstar Naomi made her return. She’s one of the WWE’s best in pure athletic ability and, what I’ve seen from matches and Total Divas, one of the nicest people in a wrestling business that requires people to have a mile-deep mean streak.

Naomi, in making a Royal Rumble moment, avoids being eliminated from the match by landing on the barricade wall. Moving from the top of the barricade to the announce tables, she takes her time making her move back into the ring. Pacing along the three tables, she ultimately decides to cross to the ring steps via the table top. Continue reading “Naomi Did Nothing Horribly Wrong in the 2020 Royal Rumble”

NWA Press Conference Notes - 30 September 2019

National Wrestling Alliance held a press conference this morning at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta. They are holding TV tapings at the GPB Studios tonight and tomorrow and announced their weekly show will be on Tuesdays, 6:05pm on YouTube and Facebook Live. Here are some notes of what happened. I paraphrased comments, so there may be errors. Continue reading “NWA Press Conference Notes – 30 September 2019”

Chauncey Devega's Requiem for a Heavyweight, Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes was the man who could draw working black and white people to his battles in the squared circle. He influenced Ric Flair and mentored NXT stars such as Sami Zayn and Enzo Amore. Writer Chauncey Devega discusses Dusty’s lasting impact:

Dusty Rhodes was a legend in the ring and a preacher on the microphone. What’s more, he was also a Black icon

Continue reading: The power and the glory of Dusty Rhodes: The “American Dream” who transcended pro wrestling’s racial divide –

When Hulk Hogan and Marvel Collided


One of my favorite bits of trivia about pro wrestler Hulk Hogan is that for many years, Marvel Comics was the owner of the name “Hulk Hogan.” I derinitely noticed the credit to Marvel on some WWF merchandise I had. Marvel Comics potentially had a great opportunity for Hulk Hogan comics, but what did Marvel do with the Hulk Hogan trademark? Continue reading “When Hulk Hogan and Marvel Collided”

WWE Slam City Toons Enter the Arena

WWE Slam City

Move over, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n Wrestling. WWE and Cartoonium have launched a new series of animated shorts to please the kids (and get them to buy all their playsets and toys). WWE Slam City are based on the Mattel action figure series starring toyetic versions of the WWE roster circa 2013.

That means Kane is the Big Red Machine, Mark Henry isn’t bald, and Dolph Ziggler is still important. The four debut stop-motion animated shorts are “A Big Brawl,” “Alberto the Barista,” “Auto-tude Adjustment,” and “Cafeteria Chaos.” Continue reading “WWE Slam City Toons Enter the Arena”

WWE Superstars #1 Review


Has there ever been a great comic about a major American wrestling company? The track record suggests a mixed-at-best history. There was Valiant’s WWF Battlemania featuring the art of Steve Ditko, Marvel’s WCW comic, and the more recent WWE comics. However, a “Super Genius” hopes to excite wrestling fans who read comics.

This noirish crime thriller set in Titan City may be more laughable than exciting. The WWE Superstars fighting terrorism premise of Big Apple Take Down is slightly more intriguing. Continue reading “WWE Superstars #1 Review”

Hulk Hogan YKSB Alert: Hulkster To Appear On Oprah: Where Are They Now? On 17 November


YKSB Alert – “You Know Something, Brother!” Alert. When pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan makes a move, will seek to document it.

Movie stars Hulk Hogan and Carrot Top will be featured in Ms. Winfrey’s latest Oprah-fest, Oprah: Where Are They Now? The Hulkster GETS REAL with America’s hostess with the mostest talking about some of his aches and pains. Continue reading “Hulk Hogan YKSB Alert: Hulkster To Appear On Oprah: Where Are They Now? On 17 November”