Sac-Con June 2014 Report: Power Rangers! Kevin Maguire! Cosplay!


Seeing the talent that they had lined up for the show, it was hard to think about doing anything else this weekend. I saw the Power Rangers Samurai cast (Alex Heartman, Najee De-Tiege, Steven Skyler and Hector David Jr.), Kevin Maguire (Justice League America and Guardians of the Galaxy), actor D.C. Douglas (Albert Wesker from Resident Evil video game series, Mass Effect character Legion) and many more! Continue reading “Sac-Con June 2014 Report: Power Rangers! Kevin Maguire! Cosplay!”

Power Rangers Cast, Cosplayers At Sac Anime Sunday!


It was the last day of Sac Anime and I really wanted to take my kids to see the Power Rangers. I went as a fan and not a member of the press but I still had a lot of access to the special guests as the convention was small enough that it was not overwhelming for them.

We started our day off by picking up our tickets at the Sheraton hotel. The tickets were $20 per adult and children eight and under were free. The event staff was very nice and even helped me sign up for the next convention right there on the spot. From there we made our way up the street to the Sacramento Convention Center. We were lucky enough to bump into a few cosplayers on the way and were even luckier to have taken pictures with our kids. Continue reading “Power Rangers Cast, Cosplayers At Sac Anime Sunday!”