Neutrality of That Net!

Clarence’s personal appeal on why net neutrality matters now and forever.

Media outlets will tell you that democracy dies in darkness or freedom is under threat, but my personal motto is that Internet discourse is dying under the light. Loss of net neutrality is a loss for anyone doing any consuming Internet and maybe a loss of innocence for our love of random cat pictures. Continue reading “Neutrality of That Net!”

ITEM! RHM Supports the Knope Campaign

RHM normally stays away from politics. The subject is too divisive and could only be handled by bold or skillful folks. One exception will be made in Leslie Knope’s case. Her campaign starts again on 19 April at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT.

Knope For City Council
"As a mature, reasonable adult I understand that this will be the last project Ben (Wyatt) and I will be working on together. So, please join us the grand opening of Pawnee's smallest park on November 12th, 2070." - Knope's Hope

Continue reading “ITEM! RHM Supports the Knope Campaign”