[PHOTOS] Parks and Recreation Seeks a "New Slogan"

Tom, April, and Donna from Parks and Recreation

On 13 March, NBC premieres “New Slogan,” a new Parks and Rec episode where Leslie thinks of a new slogan for the new Pawnee. Yes, hijinks will ensue.

See photos from the previous episode, “The Wall.”

Also, Tom, Donna, and April consider the location of their restaurant. I ask: will diners be able to “treat yo’self?” Will the customer service be very sarcastic? The possibilities of each personality clashing is intriguing.

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[PHOTOS] It's Parks And Recreation's Leslie Knope Vs. "The Wall"

Leslie Knope vs. "The Wall" separating Pawnee and Eagleton

NBCUniversal released photos from the episode of Parks & Recreation where Leslie Knope tries to TEAR DOWN THAT WALL between Eagleton and Pawnee. Also:

[PHOTOS] Parks & Recreation Moves On To New "Anniversaries"


It’s a new day in Pawnee and everyone should move on from the departing Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones. The upcoming Parks episode coming 27 February promises Leslie Knope’s needs are met. According to the episode description, Leslie is still somehow dealing with the Pawnee-Eagleton merger and is going to get a surprise anniversary gift from Ben. Also, Donna may not have much time to treat herself as April “flexes her authority” over her.

And April and Ron have a heart-warming moment with a dog. Awwwwwww. Continue reading “[PHOTOS] Parks & Recreation Moves On To New “Anniversaries””

ITEM! RHM Supports the Knope Campaign

RHM normally stays away from politics. The subject is too divisive and could only be handled by bold or skillful folks. One exception will be made in Leslie Knope’s case. Her campaign starts again on 19 April at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT.

Knope For City Council
"As a mature, reasonable adult I understand that this will be the last project Ben (Wyatt) and I will be working on together. So, please join us the grand opening of Pawnee's smallest park on November 12th, 2070." - Knope's Hope

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