Look At These Mind-Bending "Traveling Devices"


Hey, y’all! From the fine folks at The Device Gallery and publisher IDW comes Device Volume III: Traveling Device, a look at some of most industrial, mechanical, retro-est art pieces crafted. The Device Gallery’s artistic all-stars including Rik Allen, Monty Monty, and Nemo Gould have contributed their finest modes of transportation for the book, “Traveling Devices,” available in softcover. Hmm, this should be a coffee table book, but there’s no word on when that’ll come out. Continue reading “Look At These Mind-Bending “Traveling Devices””

[VIDEO] Over 40 Memorable Cartoon Themes Mashed Up By Ensemble ACJW

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? The classic answer is “practice,” but as you see above, their Ensemble ACJW is a well-oiled machine that’s not above playing orchestral versions of cartoon theme. Their “mashup” is a medley of 47 cartoon theme songs bringing a lively five-minute rush of nostalgia. Continue reading “[VIDEO] Over 40 Memorable Cartoon Themes Mashed Up By Ensemble ACJW”

90s Nostalgia: Animaniacs, Craig Kilborn & Bob Mould Take On "Little Drummer Boy"

Now, some Christmas-time reminisces from Red-Headed Mule:

Top video is the Animaniacs cartoon, “Little Drummer Warners.” The bottom video is Craig Kilborn and Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü performing the song for a “Daily Show Holiday Spectacular.”

“Warners,” adapted from the original song by Earl Kress and Tom Ruegger, begins fairly straight then Yakko, Wakko, and Dot turn their performance into something distinctly Animaniacs.

I may have seen Kilborn and Mould sing “Little Drummer Boy” first during a commercial break way back when the Daily Show was itself silly. Their paying homage to Bing Crosby and David Bowie.

Did you remember watching these back in the mid-90s?

80s Oddities: Billy Ocean's Loverboy Video


Let’s go back to the mid-1980s and singer-songwriter Billy Ocean was in the midst of making catchy, upbeat hits. Somewhere between Caribbean Queen and Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car, somebody decided to turn “Loverboy” from yet another “Baby, please love me, Baby” song to a theme song of intergalactic romance. Continue reading “80s Oddities: Billy Ocean’s Loverboy Video”

Finally Glad To Be "Slimed:" A Review of the Nickelodeon Oral History Book


I thank Mathew Klickstein for reconnecting me with an old friend. Klickstein’s Slimed: An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age shows Nickelodeon was “the first network for kids.” Back then, war was cold and dirty kids equaled good, clean fun. Slimed explores how Nickelodeon was “pro-kid,” gives actors and executives a platform to talk about their joys and struggles, and allows Phil Moore to explain why he was so annoying on Nick Arcade.

Ah, yes. Nick and I were good childhood friends. Nick showed me the many ways kids have fun. I was wowed when Nick decided to do some Saturday night work. Nick’s brought new friends in 1991; Doug, Tommy, and Ren & Stimpy were a good reason for me to watch TV on Sunday mornings. I had so much Nick stuff: magazines, Gak, toy blimps, etc. Eventually, Nick and I changed tastes. The parting was amicable and I still check on Nick from time to time. Continue reading “Finally Glad To Be “Slimed:” A Review of the Nickelodeon Oral History Book”

90s Nostalgia: Totally Kids Magazine Autumn 1994 Excerpts


Fox Kids Club was a loose network of regional clubs for Fox TV affiliates. I was a member, so I got my own Fox Kids Club membership card and a subscription to the Totally Kids magazine. I recall Totally Kids being released four times a year. The one copy I have was when the Fox Kids lineup was at, or near, its peak. I liked looking forward to weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Continue reading “90s Nostalgia: Totally Kids Magazine Autumn 1994 Excerpts”