Random Thoughts: NBC

Dwight Schrute
Dwight peeks at the horror that is NBC.
  • It’s too bad NBC refuses to properly promote some of their new shows. Example: Best Friends Forever. I read some praise for the show in some message boards. Never saw the show, but it’s going to take NBC a long time before they find their next comedy hit.
  • I prefer the next season of the Office with only a few minor characters and new main characters. I know many would want “end the show” but Office is still highly-rated and somewhat competitive for NBC.
  • On another note, no thanks to a Dwight spin-off.
  • I’ll take an “average” Community over a well-made Big Bang Theory.
  • I hold no hope for Harry’s Law (few young people watch it) & Awake (few people watch it).
  • Tom/Ann is no longer cute.
  • NBC carries that loser stench for most of its prime-time lineup, doesn’t it?

ITEM! RHM Supports the Knope Campaign

RHM normally stays away from politics. The subject is too divisive and could only be handled by bold or skillful folks. One exception will be made in Leslie Knope’s case. Her campaign starts again on 19 April at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT.

Knope For City Council
"As a mature, reasonable adult I understand that this will be the last project Ben (Wyatt) and I will be working on together. So, please join us the grand opening of Pawnee's smallest park on November 12th, 2070." - Knope's Hope

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