Redhead & Mule Ride of the Day - 11 April

Is Lily the non-Barney reason millions watch How I Met Your Mother? Anyway, the bewitching Alyson Hannigan is today’s Redhead of the Day!

Alyson Hannigan

First, congratulations to the Denisofs for the new kid on the way! “Alyson D & Alexis D” is an awesome name for a tag team. Second, Lily and Willow are such pleasant names, aren’t they? Here’s a rundown of her most famous co-stars: Jason Biggs, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, Neil Patrick Harris, & an unseen flute. Continue reading “Redhead & Mule Ride of the Day – 11 April”

Redhead (Mark McGwire) & Mule of the Day - 20 March

Redhead of the Day: It’s hard for me to describe Mark McGwire‘s overall contribution to baseball. What a shame that he and several of his fellow hitters fell into the steroid temptation. However, that didn’t stop me from finding these:

A talk with Albert Pujols:
[tube]Y1XFrOjpVhM[/tube] Continue reading “Redhead (Mark McGwire) & Mule of the Day – 20 March”