Millarworld's Starlight #1 Review


Mark Millar looks to the stars to expand Millarworld. Starlight #1 introduces us to the life of Duke McQueen, a man who dreams of his past glories as a space hero. As a savior of a distant planet, Duke’s triumph was celebrated with fireworks. However, his hopes of being admired and respected came crashing down when he returned to Earth and his beloved wife. Continue reading “Millarworld’s Starlight #1 Review”

ICON's 'Super Crooks' (They took my money...and I liked it)

‘Super Crooks’ took me by surprise. I don’t claim to have my fingers on the “pulse” of the comic book community or anything but this came out of nowhere for me. After the success of ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Nemesis’, which were both good reads as well, I decided to get the book. More importantly, I decided I would get every book under the ‘ICON’ label. But we will get into that later.

I opened the book and immediately liked what I saw. The art style of Leinil Yu leaves nothing to be desired. The way he captures the mood of the scene is amazing. The intensity of the characters is down-right awesome. When he draws something, you can tell the emotion of the character and it comes off well.

Halfway through the book I realized I had never read a book from this perspective before. I did read Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s ‘The Boys’, which is the only thing I can even begin to compare it to. Except that this book is from the villains’ point of view. It’s a new sensation, when reading, that the hero is a sort of background character. So far, the hero has just been there to introduce the villains’ problem. And that is where the bi-line comes in. “There are too many Superheroes in America. Let’s go somewhere else…” Continue reading “ICON’s ‘Super Crooks’ (They took my money…and I liked it)”