Eight Confessions About Enjoying Saved By the Bell & TNBC

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Twenty-one years after the graduation episode, someone decided it’s a good time to revisit Bayside through Lifetime’s Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Movie. Like many impressionable kids, I was a big Saved By the Bell fan. Not only did I like SBtB, I liked shows that were like it at the time.

Since I’ve never made my feelings about SBtB public, I’ve lined up eight confessions about my fascination with Saved By the Bell, creator Peter Engel, and TNBC. Continue reading “Eight Confessions About Enjoying Saved By the Bell & TNBC”

Top 10 Moments From Penguins vs. Possums Volume 1


I can’t believe we’re up to the paperback collection now! This TPB by Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring is so exciting! With this momentous occasion locked down, I want to share a few of my favorite moments throughout this hilarious, violent clash between the Penguins and Possums. Continue reading “Top 10 Moments From Penguins vs. Possums Volume 1”

Bronze, Silver, Gold: Community Enlists "G.I. Jeff"


It’s time for another madcap animated adventure starring the Wingman, Three Kids, Fourth Wall, Buzzkill, and Tight Ship fighting terrorism wherever it terrorizes. Um… this is not the G.I. Joe show I remembered from my childhood.

For G.I. Joe fans who don’t watch Community, creator Dan Harmon loves to experiment with his show while somehow maintaining some pathos. The base premise for most of Community’s existence involves a ragtag bunch of community college students, led by ex-lawyer Jeff Winger. They’ve done animated episodes like the claymation Christmas one and the 8-bit video game adventure. Continue reading “Bronze, Silver, Gold: Community Enlists “G.I. Jeff””

Bronze/Silver/Gold - Three Funniest Moments From Community "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"


It’s good to have Dan Harmon rightfully the good ship Community. I see that the overnight rating is an impressive 1.4 in the key demo. I feel that if Community stays above 1.0 in the key demo then it’s a sure renewal and one step closer to… you know.

Community is recovering from the off-key season four. Here are my three favorite moments from “Basic Intergluteal Nusimastics,” where Greendale is under a panic from the Asscrack Bandit stuffing coins into students’ backsides. Continue reading “Bronze/Silver/Gold – Three Funniest Moments From Community “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics””

Image Expo 2014: Top Five Most Interesting Titles


Image reasserts its place in the comics industry in the 2014 Image Expo. The Expo has come and gone and I’m trying to make sense of the flurry of news and press releases I received. Where the original Image Expo held a reunion of most of the Image founders, this year’s edition is a showcase of new directions with several notable comics creators.

What about those teasers that were sent before Thursday obviously hinting at Invincible? Jude Terror of the Outhousers pieced together the clues and stated that it’s for the 111th issue of Invincible. Indeed, Skybound revealed Invincible #111 hyped as “the only superhero comic you’ll ever need.” Continue reading “Image Expo 2014: Top Five Most Interesting Titles”

Lotsa Leapin' Luigis


Love Five Fakest Marios? Here’s the sequel!

Luigi represents the scrappy runt all of us are or have known. Luigi Mario is born in the 80s, a time to have a nostalgia filter for outlandish stuff. He acts as the green-clad lesser of the Mario Brothers. He has a cute, yet annoying, girlfriend (“HI~!”).

This list is a look through 30 years of Nintendo’s manic plumber and his travels. On 28 November 2013, Danny Wells, many kids’ first exposure to a live action Luigi, passed away. This list has nothing from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, but he’s in my thoughts as I write this.

Continue reading “Lotsa Leapin’ Luigis”

Bottom of the Barrel Movies


I’m reminded of Roger Ebert’s putting down Freddie Got Fingered:

This movie doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn’t the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn’t below the bottom of the barrel. This movie doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels…

These movies represent the weakest, lamest, poorest-received films reviewed on RedHeadedMule.com. They aren’t recommended for anyone at any age: Continue reading “Bottom of the Barrel Movies”

13 Nostalgic Things About Doctor Who


Congratulations, BBC, for fifty years of wandering through time and space. The big anniversary episode should be better than Dimensions of Time and maybe The Five Doctors. I’m gathering several points of Doctor Who-related nostalgia, but there will none of that Tom Baker wax dummy nonsense. Nope.

I don’t have the best vantage point for these items, not being born until long after Doctor Who premiered and not being British. That doesn’t deter me from crafting this list of the peaks of valleys of Doctor Who history. Continue reading “13 Nostalgic Things About Doctor Who”

What's Missing in the Robocop 2014 Trailer?


The trailer for MGM’s Robocop has arrived. I’m interested in seeing how the movie will turn out in February 2014. I hope the new Robocop will be a good movie, but I’m concerned that it’ll be a straight action flick with little thought for the issues of American culture. Keeping in mind that I’m discussing a 2-minute trailer, I’ve listed three features from the original Robocop films that aren’t in the trailer. Continue reading “What’s Missing in the Robocop 2014 Trailer?”