King of the Nerds 02x02 Weird Science? Recap


While ratings for the show’s down since last year’s finale, King of the Nerds is still competitive ratings-wise. That Appalachian show is still the top-rated original cable program at 10PM, but I hope King of the Nerds season two has something that’ll get people to watch.

If you haven’t already, read my interview with Nicole. Yes, I recapped last week’s season premiere, too.

On to the recap! Continue reading “King of the Nerds 02×02 Weird Science? Recap”

Season Two Premiere: King of the Nerds Searches For a New King


This recap of King of the Nerds S02E01, “In Search of a King,” contains some humour. Also, you may see references to “yellow” instead of “gold.”

Who leaves Nerdvana this week?

Oh, hai. I may have reviewed King of the Nerds last season. I liked it. I also like to think that the giant, floating spirit-head of Ted Turner is somewhere in the sky nodding his head in approval. But enough about ME!

Here’s the melodramatic opening parodying The Fellowship of the Ring movie opening. Hello there, Genevieve, Ivan, Moogega, Brandon. I didn’t catch Danielle, though. We’re given the story of Celeste’s fate. Like any good movie sequel, Celeste is offed in the first few minutes. That popular vote finale must’ve brought some nasty sorcerers out of the woodwork. This being TV-Land, our favorite plucky girl from Toronto may be forgotten… Continue reading “Season Two Premiere: King of the Nerds Searches For a New King”

Building Interview Chemistry with Nicole from King of the Nerds


I had the opportunity to talk with King of the Nerds contestant Nicole, a chemist from chilly Wisconsin. It was a brief chat, but she’s so enthusiastic and eager about the upcoming season.

I don’t have a complete recording of our conversation, so I’ll write this interview summary working from my notes:

Nicole was “obsessed” about King of the Nerds as soon as she heard about it. She would watch every episode and discuss them with her friends.

Nicole was awestruck when she started participating. She praised hosts Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine and assured me that the method of determining the next King of the Nerds has been “ramped up.” While she enjoyed being with all of the other nerdy hopefuls, she asserts that fellow contestant Kayla is her “twin.” Their friendship may be something to watch in season two. Continue reading “Building Interview Chemistry with Nicole from King of the Nerds”

King of the Nerds - Season 2: So the Hype Begins…


Happy 2014, everyone! It’s a new year and a new crop of contestants will battle to become King of the Nerds on 23 January. Are you glad your favorite geek-oriented reality competition owned by Turner Broadcasting (a division of Time Warner) is back?

I covered the first season with recaps and interviews of several of the first season favorites, so I’ll likely cover the next season just because.

Season two promises silliness, celebrities (I see Bill Nye and I think Yaya Han as the Scarlet Witch in the trailer), sarcasm (likely), and a sensational finale that will improve on the popularity contest that capped off the first season. The one where Celeste was voted as King and the voted revolted at the process. Except me. Continue reading “King of the Nerds – Season 2: So the Hype Begins…”

Interviews: Celeste Anderson & Genevieve Pearson

Genevieve & Celeste
Genevieve & Celeste. Photo from the episode, “Enginerds.”

Not so long ago, some of us winced (not me, though) at the way season one of King of the Nerds ended. By popular vote of the losing contestants, professional gamer Celeste Anderson was crowned King of the Nerds over novelist Genevieve Pearson. Continue reading “Interviews: Celeste Anderson & Genevieve Pearson”

King of the Nerds Review: Enginerds (S01E07)


This competition brings out the weirdness in people.
– Moogega Cooper, Ph.D

Today I learned:

  • It’s appropriate to use the word “penultimate,”
  • Danielle is at her fiery best (with one exception),
  • My pronunciation of a certain Ph.D-holding contestant’s name is wrong.
  • I’m unsure whether to do next season’s recaps.

It’s been a long, long quest for the $100,000 prize. Spoilerphobes beware! Continue reading “King of the Nerds Review: Enginerds (S01E07)”

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Moogega? An Interview with Moogega Cooper


It’s a great privilege for me to not only interview a TV star, but a Ph.D holder and a Black female scientist, Moogega Cooper. Moogega is one of the final five contestants on TBS’ reality competition spectacular, King of the Nerds.

She has done plenty of genius stuff: she attended Hampton University while still in high school, earned her Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Thermal Fluid Sciences, and works as a Planetary Projection Engineer for NASA. (NASA!)

Dr. Cooper has co-authored scientific papers such as Uniform and Filamentary Nature of Continuous-Wave and Pulsed Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma. In addition, Moogega co-authored the song Nerds Are King among assorted antics on King of the Nerds. After reading this interview, you may have appreciation for not only the beautiful woman you see on TV Thursday nights, but the beautiful mind she possesses. Continue reading “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Moogega? An Interview with Moogega Cooper”