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King of the Nerds Review: Supernerds (S01E04)


Last week on King of the Nerds: Blextrophy triumphs for the first time and Brandon couldn’t handle the golf carts.

Show opens with a Star Wars parody playing up the tension between Joshua and Danielle. Joshua being a schemer made for good TV. However, Danielle reveals,

I never asked Josh. I know there’s a little part where [talking about having Josh voting for himself] and I was joking. I was not serious at all.

According to Danielle, it’s her display of sarcasm. Another proof that the editor is the powerful person on a reality show? Listen to my interview with her and the recently departed Brandon. Continue reading “King of the Nerds Review: Supernerds (S01E04)”

Comic Book Men S02E07 Review

Kevin Smith fandom, ladies and gents.

I’m digging this season’s half-hour shows. To capture the essence of CBM, you’d have to watch the interactions between the Stash staff and the customers. What makes CBM distinct is the guys’ nerdy/geeky/dorky banter. It’s interesting to see a conversation about George Lucas’ great shame, the Star Wars Holiday Special, in light Disney taking over the whole franchise. Heh. This episode may be one of the most entertaining yet. Continue reading “Comic Book Men S02E07 Review”