Interview: Movie Critic Adann-Kennn Alexxandar

The world of film criticism is filled with many interesting people, from Pauline Kael to Roger Ebert to Jay Sherman. What about the critics in the smaller cities and lesser markets? The following interview is one example of lesser-known, but no less interesting, interviewer. I asked critic Adann-Kennn Alexxandar from the Valdosta Daily Times questions about the movies and the local culture.

Adann-Kennn AlexxandarRed-Headed Mule: What’s the movie you’re looking forward to this summer?
Adann-Kennn Alexxandar: I rarely become truly eager to see a film until just a few days before a film debuts. I like to concentrate on this week’s film’s. However, this summer, a few have gotten my attention: The Dark Knight Rises, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Robot and Frank, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Amazing Spider-Man and Prometheus.

RHM: What do you think of the success of the Avengers?
AKA: Avengers is a well-done film, very entertaining. Comic books are the last of the unexplored realms by filmmakers. Recent technology has made this possible. Visual computed-generated effects and other modern technical aspects of filmmaking have made it possible to produce movies like the X-Men and the Avengers in a manner that match comics. Therefore, movies based on comics are the undiscovered realm for creative and new material. Continue reading “Interview: Movie Critic Adann-Kennn Alexxandar”

Interview: Penguins vs. Possums' John Bring & Sebastian Kadlecik

Creators John Bring and Sebastian Kadlecik

The penguins march with unhappy feet against possums who don’t just take things lying down. An odd pairing becomes into a tense rivalry thanks to creators John Bring & Sebastian Kadlecik. At first, Penguins VS. Possums was a webcomic made on Post-It Notes. With the help of Kickstarter, the big battles with some added mythology will play out as a comic book series. Kadlecik and Bring matches the possums, using old-fashioned methods, up against the technophile penguins. PVP-related updates are on its Facebook page.

After reading the first issue of the PVP comic, I had a desire to continue looking into this piece of animal-brawling action. To me, it’s not about which side wins, but how both species struggle in this potential epic. The very first scene features the possum aggressors fighting the flightless birds in a penguin exhibit at the San Diego Zoo. That is not the true origin of their rivalry, though. For the art, the compositions of the warriors is enhanced by the solid inking work.

Panels from Penguins VS Possums #1
Penguins suit up!

In the first issue’s main plot, possums are sympathetic protagonists of family and honor and the penguins are villainous.  The good/evil alignments in the series are not set in stone, however. The creators’ insights given in the interview supplement what should be a grand and entertaining story. Continue reading “Interview: Penguins vs. Possums’ John Bring & Sebastian Kadlecik”

RHM Interviews Anime Aftermath's Shela Amienyi

Ah, anime: awesome, bold, and weird.

If I, not living in any major metro area, wanted to express my fandom, where would I go? I was pleasantly surprised to find a local anime club, Valdosta State University’s Anime Aftermath. The people have been nice and enthusiastic in the brief time I’ve followed the club. I was bummed after finding out the final meeting was this Saturday. The following is an interview with Anime Aftermath president Shela Amienyi:

Shela AmienyiRHM: What was your first exposure of anime & manga?
SHELA: I can’t even remember when I first started watching anime. I was one of those kids who woke up at seven on a Saturday morning to watch PokemonYu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon on TV. I had to, at least, be around the age of ten, if not before.

I first got into manga in the sixth grade. My very first manga was Fruits Basket, volume 2. From there, I would spend so much time in Borders reading manga that Borders became my second home.

RHM: What do you tell someone who confuses anime with children’s cartoons made for a Western (i.e. Non-Asian) audience?
SHELA: Anime is a very different from the average cartoon. Whereas most cartoons are garnered more towards children, anime is a whole new genre of production, which varies in its target market and content. There are anime for children, true; but there are also adult-rated anime.

Anime Characters
Some stock anime characters (Maids by Wikipedia user Kasuga; CC BY-SA 3.0)

RHM: Was there an anime club at VSU before Anime Aftermath?
SHELA: I have no knowledge of an anime club before the Anime Aftermath. When I applied to Valdosta, I looked to see if the college had an anime club and the Anime Aftermath page was linked. Continue reading “RHM Interviews Anime Aftermath’s Shela Amienyi”

RHM Interviews Game Show Marathon Hosts!

Game Show Marathon

Making entertaining shows for 30 or 60 minutes is hard work. The First Annual 24 Hour Game Show Marathon is a huge effort of streaming 24 game shows of various types. I give a lot of credit to hosts Christian Carrion, Cory Antonado, and Bob Hagh for preparing this big event.

The marathon is to support the fight against cancer. Donations are currently accepted. Donors who give $25 will be able to play. This event will start at 3 PM Eastern Time Friday and will be streamed at & with the keyword WSINRadio. For those readers or passersby of RHM the stream will be posted on the home page.

Here is the interview with Christian & Cory: Continue reading “RHM Interviews Game Show Marathon Hosts!”