Interview: Dagger Six

Master Chief
Master Chief photo by OneShotArtist

Dani Yuan, Dagger-6, went from proud Marine to space marine. Anatomy of War creator Roshawn Rochester chats with the cosplayer, photog, and film omni-talent of the Halo fan community. -Ed.

Red-Headed Mule: Can you explain what Dagger-6 Productions is for the people that don’t know?
Dagger-6: It’s basically just a slightly more official sounding name I can use for branding. There’s this trend of cosplayers often utilizing pseudonyms for a measure of initial privacy, plus it sounded better in my head than “Dani’s costumes, films, photographs, and other random hobbies”. Looks nicer on business cards too. Continue reading “Interview: Dagger Six”

Artist Katie Cook Interview


See also: My Little Pony #1 review.

Recently, IDW‘s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1 had over 90,000 pre-orders and many reviews and chatter all over the Interwebs. Hopefully this launch will be a big launch for our subject’s career. She’s the author of the webcomic Gronk. She’s also done sketch cards of the Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars franchises.

I gave a positive, although pun-laden, review of MLP #1. Katie Cook is very capable and with artist Andy Price, et al., the MLP of the funny pages is in the right hands.

This interview was done over chat Wednesday night. Continue reading “Artist Katie Cook Interview”

McFarlane Melange! Reviews of Art of Todd McFarlane & Spawn #225 with Full Interview



Alternate download link to mp3 if player above doesn’t work.

See excerpts from The Art of Todd McFarlane: The Devil’s in the Details.

Click the play button above to listen to the chat with Image founder Todd McFarlane recorded October 30. My intent is to cover the many aspects of Todd: the artist, the businessman, the sports fan, etc. Yes, there are some dated sports references. Also, some parts may be difficult to listen through, especially the part where Todd discusses digital comics at around the 1-hour, 25-minute mark. Read on to see the reviews for Todd’s biography and Spawn #225. Continue reading “McFarlane Melange! Reviews of Art of Todd McFarlane & Spawn #225 with Full Interview”

Interview: Cosplayer Elffi


Let’s salute the great contributor to geek culture: the cosplayer. As long as there’s an Internet, we’ll ogle at the pretty ladies in costumes. What about the guys? I searched for well-known name and I discovered just the one to interview. He’s Janne Hemminki Rusanen from Finland, but you may know him as Elffi.

Elffi has traveled the world wearing and judging costumes. He’s fond of Japanese culture as you’ll see below. While I’ll always have an appreciation for female cosplayers, I felt that I had to give some time to the guys who love the activity, too.

Hold on, ladies and gents, especially if you’re fancy gentlemen in fancy dress. Continue reading “Interview: Cosplayer Elffi”

Interview: Toy Collector Michael Crawford

Michael even collects Simpsons Squinkies!
Squinkies image from their official Flickr page.

I had the pleasure of corresponding with a major toy collector, Michael Crawford (a.k.a. Captain Toy). He has reviewed and discussed toys online since the early 90s. Later, he decided to store his reviews and helpful photos at his website,

As a fellow writer, I look for other skilled wordsmiths and analysts of pop culture. Michael gives his honest assessment of various figures using his rating system based on several factors. That’s addressed below. Meanwhile, enjoy this interview with someone with as much appreciation for well-made toys as you do. Continue reading “Interview: Toy Collector Michael Crawford”

Chris Pickett of CHICKENANDROFLS Interview


If you’ve made it to the end of many of our podcasts, you’ve heard this triumphant tune:

Now, I get to chat with the prolific maestro behind many, many bleep-blooping works, Chris Pickett of CHICKENANDROFLS. Chris is currently planning to make a movie called Gothmog. He is accepting donations through purchases of MP3 copies of his soundtrack through BandCamp. Let’s delve into the mind of Chris, shall we? Continue reading “Chris Pickett of CHICKENANDROFLS Interview”