Kevin Eastman Interview at Sac Con 2014


Another big moment in my life was about to happen. David had just finished telling me that Kevin Eastman and his wife were here and would be joining us shortly. I frantically started flipping through my note pad to view the questions I had planned. I was getting nervous. I had just finished interviewing with Sergio Aragonés, a longtime favorite artist of mine, and now I was going to interview the man that had created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As most people know, I have loved the Turtles since I have known about them. I even went so far as to break open my piggy bank back in the early 90’s so that I could by tickets for my family to go see the TMNT: Coming Out of Their Shells tour. Yes, I was THAT kid.

I had just flipped to my third question when David had informed me that Mrs. Courtney Eastman was out in the lobby looking for us. We got up from our chairs to see her standing right in front of us. As we walked up to greet her, Kevin appeared from the elevator. We all introduced ourselves and then the night became even MORE epic. Sergio Aragonés walked up and introduced himself to the Eastmans, as well as greeted us again. This was the first time the two had ever met. HISTORY! Continue reading “Kevin Eastman Interview at Sac Con 2014”

Sergio Aragonés Interview at Sac Con 2014

Sergio Aragones. Photo by Gage Skidmore

The moment was unreal. I walked into the hotel on Saturday night knowing what was about to happen but, also, not quite feeling like it was happening. I was scheduled to meet with Sergio Aragonés and Kevin Eastman, both being the creators of Groo the Wanderer and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, respectively.

I waited in the lobby with the event coordinator, David Wadley. David was a top-tier professional. He is, by far, one of the nicest people in the industry I have met to date and was a huge help with getting around the Sacramento Convention on Sunday as well. After conversing for a few minutes, David and I, along with another unnamed reporter, were greeted by Sergio Aragonés! Continue reading “Sergio Aragonés Interview at Sac Con 2014”

Building Interview Chemistry with Nicole from King of the Nerds


I had the opportunity to talk with King of the Nerds contestant Nicole, a chemist from chilly Wisconsin. It was a brief chat, but she’s so enthusiastic and eager about the upcoming season.

I don’t have a complete recording of our conversation, so I’ll write this interview summary working from my notes:

Nicole was “obsessed” about King of the Nerds as soon as she heard about it. She would watch every episode and discuss them with her friends.

Nicole was awestruck when she started participating. She praised hosts Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine and assured me that the method of determining the next King of the Nerds has been “ramped up.” While she enjoyed being with all of the other nerdy hopefuls, she asserts that fellow contestant Kayla is her “twin.” Their friendship may be something to watch in season two. Continue reading “Building Interview Chemistry with Nicole from King of the Nerds”

Chris and Dana Reeve Foundation Still Opens Hope and Possibility


A new era of Superman movies dawns, but let’s not forget about the man some say gave the definitive take on Superman. I had the pleasure of speaking with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation COO Peter T. Wilderotter about the current happenings at the Foundation. Wilderotter was drawn in by Reeve’s vision.

Despite the passing of their founders, the Foundation fights against spinal cord injuries and paralysis. They’ve recently received a $2 million grant from the Department for Defense for “translational research to find treatments” for sufferers, “including servicemen and women,” of spinal cord injury. Wilderotter told me that they’ve to “do more with less” due to a cut to their CDC grant. The recent sequester made it harder for the Reeve Foundation to get needed funds, but no less determined to help people like Eric LeGrand and Rob Summers. Continue reading “Chris and Dana Reeve Foundation Still Opens Hope and Possibility”

Interviews: Celeste Anderson & Genevieve Pearson

Genevieve & Celeste
Genevieve & Celeste. Photo from the episode, “Enginerds.”

Not so long ago, some of us winced (not me, though) at the way season one of King of the Nerds ended. By popular vote of the losing contestants, professional gamer Celeste Anderson was crowned King of the Nerds over novelist Genevieve Pearson. Continue reading “Interviews: Celeste Anderson & Genevieve Pearson”

Bonding with Lela Gwenn & Richard Kadrey


You’ve seen adventures where someone, like the damsel-in-distress or even the hero/heroine is bound and/or gagged. If that’s your fantasy then here’s a lady and her photographer who could make it a reality.

Lela Gwenn is a model, erotic writer, and, best of all, geek. She is starting an Indiegogo campaign called “nerdBondageProjeKt.” Her photographer for her project is Richard Kadrey, the Sandman Slim writer who’s no stranger to fetish photography.

Contributors to nerdbondageprojeKt get to decide what she gets to wear. Choices in the running include:

  • Catwoman
  • Leeloo Dallas
  • Death from Sandman
  • Kaylee from Firefly
  • 10th Doctor genderswap.

What follows is a chat I had with both over a calm Thursday night (for me, at least). They’re very engaging and I’m pleased to have been in the company of some charming people. Continue reading “Bonding with Lela Gwenn & Richard Kadrey”

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Moogega? An Interview with Moogega Cooper


It’s a great privilege for me to not only interview a TV star, but a Ph.D holder and a Black female scientist, Moogega Cooper. Moogega is one of the final five contestants on TBS’ reality competition spectacular, King of the Nerds.

She has done plenty of genius stuff: she attended Hampton University while still in high school, earned her Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Thermal Fluid Sciences, and works as a Planetary Projection Engineer for NASA. (NASA!)

Dr. Cooper has co-authored scientific papers such as Uniform and Filamentary Nature of Continuous-Wave and Pulsed Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma. In addition, Moogega co-authored the song Nerds Are King among assorted antics on King of the Nerds. After reading this interview, you may have appreciation for not only the beautiful woman you see on TV Thursday nights, but the beautiful mind she possesses. Continue reading “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Moogega? An Interview with Moogega Cooper”