Interview with Trevor Mueller


With the success of the first volume of Albert the Alien under their belts, Trevor Mueller ( Albert the Alien) and Gabriel Bautista ( Albert the Alien and The Life After) trek into familiar territory to bring about the volume two of everyone’s favorite foreign exchange student. I’m Roshawn Rochester and this is an interview with Albert the Alien creator/writer Trevor Mueller. Continue reading “Interview with Trevor Mueller”

An Interview with XCT's Shaun Paulet

Roshawn Rochester (Red Headed Mule): First off, I wanted to say thank you for letting me interview you!

I’ve followed the last two Kickstarters and am looking forward to asking questions about Xtreme Champion Tournament (XCT) for those that want to know more heading into this third Kickstarter. Would you mind telling us about yourself to get things started?

Shaun Paulet: My name is Shaun Paulet, I’m 33 years old, and I live with my wife and two dogs in Melbourne Australia. I am a big collector boasting a massive comic book, DVD/Blu Ray, book, artwork, statue and print collection.

RHM: Can you elaborate for people that don’t know what the book is about?

Shaun Paulet: The series is set in the year 2069 where the remains of historical figures from the past have been cloned, retrained and forced to fight in a sport called the Xtreme Champion Tournament.

This sport is watched by millions around the globe and it makes these clones face off against each other to the death. Our main character is Spartacus and his story about navigating the XCT and all the dangers that come with being a XCT hero. Continue reading “An Interview with XCT’s Shaun Paulet”

Peter Cullen at Sac Anime Winter 2015

Legendary voiceover artist Peter Cullen made his way to Sacramento this January and answered questions from press and fans. According to Roshawn, Optimus Prime is the only cartoon character to make him cry twice. TWICE. In these videos below, Roshawn taped some Q&As, one of which is a one-on-one sitdown with the voice of Optimus Prime himself. Continue reading “Peter Cullen at Sac Anime Winter 2015”

Some Questions For… Kayla LaFrance, Season Two's King of the Nerds


Kayla LaFrance is a rocket scientist from Spokane, Washington who won season two of TBS’ King of the Nerds. She defeated Jack Hou in the final gauntlet of nerdy challenges. Her run to the Throne of Games was fueled, in part, by the words of Captain Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager. In her spare time, she plays ice hockey and is a Trekkie…Trekker…um, Star Trek fan.

In this brief email interview, Kayla discusses being Nicole’s “bad ass twin,” her advice on improving America’s math skills, and meeting Kate Mulgrew, and more. Continue reading “Some Questions For… Kayla LaFrance, Season Two’s King of the Nerds”

Some Questions For… Chris Jackson of King of the Nerds


Chris Jackson is an engineer from Waco, Texas who competed in season two of King of the Nerds. He was defeated by Brian, the “Hipster Hobbit,” in the trivia/shooting gallery Nerd-Off in episode six (aka the Free George Takei episode).

In this brief email interview, Chris talks about technology, his role in Purple/Titans of Rigel, and even has a few kinds words about season one contestant Moogega Cooper. Continue reading “Some Questions For… Chris Jackson of King of the Nerds”

[INTERVIEW] King of the Nerds' Mary Kate


Mary Kate Smith, a contestant of King of the Nerds season two, is an aerospace engineering student at Mississippi State University. Unfortunately, she exited from the show in the third episode, “To LARP or Not to LARP,” where Zack defeated her in the Nerd-Off challenge Battlehammer.

Read on to see her comments on tabletop games, meeting some of the season one Nerds, and RuPaul. Continue reading “[INTERVIEW] King of the Nerds’ Mary Kate”