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FREE Comic! Anatomy of War #1


Below is the entirety of Ravishing Roshawn Rochester and ‘Lectric Luisa Russo’s Anatomy of War #1. Two young men worlds apart but they’ll experience the journey of their lives. Read the about page to see that the inspiration for AoW is different than most comics. Roshawn also has a PDF copy available.

If you like AoW #1, consider buying a physical copy by emailing Roshawn. He’s currently working on AoW #2 with new artist Michael Dorman. Continue reading “FREE Comic! Anatomy of War #1”

Reviews: Time Samplers #1 & Penguins vs. Possums #2


Time Samplers #1

time-samplers-001-coverWritten by Thomas Gorence, David Pinckney, and Erik Koconis. Drawn by Nicolas Colacitti.

Rambling narration about humanity aside, the pieces are in place for a good continuous series. The primary story is based on the more outlandish details of Alexander Graham Bell and the Jekyll Island Club. Only from a comic by Paranoid American will a mad scientist create monsters called “Sheeple.” Har, har. I’m not sure what exactly the two Time Samplers are supposed to do, but this story’s an entertaining enough starting point.

Back-up story, “Operation Midnight Climax,” is a visual historical travelogue of law enforcement and drugs. And also using drugs. And how drugs can stimulate the long arm of the law.

Penguins vs. Possums #2

penguins-vs-possums-002-coverBy Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, Lindsay Calhoon.

Penguins vs. Possums is not a complex narrative; two sides seek to end each other. There are no cool penguins or lazy possums. There’s plenty of rage and hostility. The Chosen One possum and Xiao the penguin aren’t always presented in the most flattering light. Both are being challenged to their proper place.

If you want a story where characters fight for their legacy and their place in their own pecking order, PvP is it. Xiao even borders on comic relief in his fight sequence. PvP refuses to wallow in typical comics mediocrity.

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