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Watson & Holmes Volume One: A Study in Black Review


I’ll admit that I’m not a Sherlockian or a crime mystery enthusiast. However, I wanted to check out works by Black creators. Watson & Holmes Volume One makes for a decent afternoon read. The famous characters and situations are done from a Black American point of view. This collection of five issues is set in Harlem, New York. The main characters are distinctly “urban,” with the inquisitive S. Holmes sporting dreads and being the go-to “consultant” when the police are the last resort. Continue reading “Watson & Holmes Volume One: A Study in Black Review”

Molly Danger Book One Review

Molly Danger by Jamal Igle

The first Molly Danger graphic novel is refreshingly free from smothering cynicism. Writer-penciler Jamal Igle could’ve settled for a fully tongue-in-cheek superhero tale as the beginning pages suggest. The opening scene has our heroine stopping a giant mech controlled by a egomaniacal supervillain with a pickled brain for a head. In the aftermath, however, there are various costs for having Molly as the city of Coopersville’s protector and main attraction. Continue reading “Molly Danger Book One Review”

Check This Kickstarter: Penguins vs. Possums Trade Paperback Has Reached Goal


Congratulations to the creative team of Penguins vs. Possums, John Bring, Sebastian Kadlecik, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring. The Kickstarter campaign for the first Penguins vs. Possums trade paperback has exceeded its goal of $2700.

Penguins vs. Possums is the ongoing comics series where a society of penguins do battle with a society of opossums. I think I may have written about this a time or two before:

Continue reading “Check This Kickstarter: Penguins vs. Possums Trade Paperback Has Reached Goal”

WWE Superstars #1 Review


Has there ever been a great comic about a major American wrestling company? The track record suggests a mixed-at-best history. There was Valiant’s WWF Battlemania featuring the art of Steve Ditko, Marvel’s WCW comic, and the more recent WWE comics. However, a “Super Genius” hopes to excite wrestling fans who read comics.

This noirish crime thriller set in Titan City may be more laughable than exciting. The WWE Superstars fighting terrorism premise of Big Apple Take Down is slightly more intriguing. Continue reading “WWE Superstars #1 Review”

Two Fine Comics On The Monkeybrain: D4VE #1 & Prime-8s #1


Disappointed by the myriad of comics costing 399 cents, I looked for decent titles that were far less pricey. On New Comics Day, I picked two new comics that are full length and 99 cents: D4VE & Prime-8s.

I don’t regret spending two bucks on these two digital comics. There’s no pestering my local comics shop owner to get obscure titles and I get immediate access to some possibly cool adventures. Continue reading “Two Fine Comics On The Monkeybrain: D4VE #1 & Prime-8s #1”

Penguins Wage War on Possums! Details Inside! (Penguins Vs. Possums #4 Preview)


Fresh off of Stan Lee’s Comikaze, Sebastian Kadlecik and John Bring bring a delish ish of the ongoing conflict between the Antarctic avians and the mighty marsupials!

30 pages of fierceness awaits the brave reader. Penguin leader Xiao has declared war on the possums as the possums’ Chosen One couldn’t make peace. Zolin, once a trusted friend of the now-imprisoned Chosen One, will rescue the Chosen One with vengeance on his mind. Will the penguin empire be toppled? Or will the possum force fall at the tech-heavy might of Xiao & his crew? Continue reading “Penguins Wage War on Possums! Details Inside! (Penguins Vs. Possums #4 Preview)”

Zoe Out of Time Review


You’re a savvy comic-book buyer. You want to read something on your digital thingamajig, but you only want to spend $2 on comics. The typical fare from the major and major-lite comics companies is getting dull. Somehow, a lady with spiky two-toned hair caught in a time vortex gets your attention. Wow, you think, two volumes of this adventure is $2 for over 60 pages? Is it worth it? Perhaps, if you know what to expect.

Zoe Out of Time by Michalski & Lagos with art from Derlis Santacruz, has completed two volumes available on Comixology. It’s about a young woman from the year 2050 obtaining a time machine her father built. Does she use it for great justice? Not quite. Zoe Out of Time #1 and #2 veers toward romance than timey-wimey. Continue reading “Zoe Out of Time Review”