REVIEW! Wolf #1 From Image Comics

California is the setting…for what looks to be the apocalypse. To be specific, Los Angeles, California. Where the ordinary meets the extraordinary and the natural order lays way to the supernatural. They couldn’t have picked a better setting for Wolf.

Antoine Wolf, the title’s main character, seems to be the “go to” type of guy for his buddies. However, his life also seems to be haunted in that he, and others, thinks he is immortal. Coupled with the fact that he has the “gift” of seeing the dead, he looks to live a tormented life. Not to mention that his best friend has tentacles on his face and that the book opens with him being on fire in a straitjacket. Between the vampires, werewolves, and clairvoyant individuals, it’s seems to be just another day in L.A. Continue reading “REVIEW! Wolf #1 From Image Comics”

San Diego Comic-Con '14: Top Cow To Offer Exclusive Litho Prints


Top Cow Productions is going all out for San Diego Comic-Con. They’re offering exclusive variants, VIP packages, and lithographic prints. Several VIP packages are offered including the Stjepan Sejic/Matt Hawkins Package, the Marc Silvestri package, and the ComicCon Writer’s Package. Availability for the packages are limited and seats for them will be sold at $200. Visit booth #2629 if you’re interested. Continue reading “San Diego Comic-Con ’14: Top Cow To Offer Exclusive Litho Prints”

The Outcast #1: Skybound Knocks Another One Out of the Park [REVIEW]


Someone tell those Winchester boys that a new player has arrived in super natural territory.

This book should be required reading in Outdoing Yourself 101. Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Super Dinosaur and Invincible) and Paul Azaceta (Graveyard of Empires) take you to rural West Virginia to battle your inner demons…literally. Continue reading “The Outcast #1: Skybound Knocks Another One Out of the Park [REVIEW]”

110-Character Or Less Challenge: The Wicked + The Divine #1 Review

The Wicked + The Devine #1 alternate cover by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + the Divine #1 is more about what it isn’t than what it is. The issue features some interesting personalities — gods finding enjoying in mortal bodies for a limited time. However, the meta-mythology being built is a haze of vagueness.

To be fair, some dialogue suggests that writer Kieron Gillen makes some acute self-analysis of the whys and hows of his world-building. I had to break out the Google/Wikipedia/Bing whatchamacallit to find out the meaning of several character names; yes, they’re sourced from several world religions. When one god with a notorious reputation is in trouble, I had to wonder who’s the most evil god in their hierarchy.

Artist McKevlie doesn’t disappoint while being ambitious. He plays around with some motifs, gives the god-celebrities stylish presence. He even provides a pop-art like “special effect” for certain displays of violence.

I wasn’t excited, but a little intrigued by how The Wicked + The Devine will go in its god-play. If you’re interested in getting a digital copy, Image Comics offers this comic DRM-free and downloadable for 299 cents, less than the 350-cent cover price.


Thanks to Image Comics for supplying a review copy.

Invincible #111 Review (SPOILERS)


I think someone forgot to hit the shift key on this issue when they put it to print. It should read “Invincible!!!” This was by far the craziest, most game-changing issue to date! Robert Kirkland keeps throwing twists at Mark (Grayson) forcing him to adapt throughout the issue. Mr. Kirkland’ character building level is over 9,000!!! Continue reading “Invincible #111 Review (SPOILERS)”

Image & Top Cow's Genius Weekly Move


It didn’t seem that long ago when I interviewed artist Afua Richardson. Then, she was finishing up issues four and five of Genius, a story about a woman who’s a master tactician during the war for ‘hood independence in South Central Los Angeles. Genius, written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, won the Top Cow 2008 Pilot Season contest.

After all this time, Image announces Genius as a weekly series through the month of August. Genius #1, priced at 399 cents, hits comic book shops on 6 August and succeeding issues are put out in the following weeks. Pre-orders are available now. Continue reading “Image & Top Cow’s Genius Weekly Move”

Opening View on Shutter #1


I see much potential in Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca’s Shutter. The new series features explorer Kate Christopher, who has seen many worlds, about to undergo another adventure. Shutter #1 covers strange and alternate worlds, including a very diverse New York City, familial bonds, and how life is what one makes of it.

I like Del Duca’s artwork and the zany creatures that populate the story. My only wish is that I wanted more, but there’s always another month. There’s not much for me to say because I need to see the pieces of the puzzle come together. Continue reading “Opening View on Shutter #1”

Burn the Orphanage: Born to Lose Is So Much Win!


A review of “Born to Lose,” parts one, two, and three.

Action-packed comics have adopted many contemporary trends over the decades. Without past mythologies and pulp detective stories, Superman and Batman would be far different. Embracing beat-em-up video games is a recent trend. Scott Pilgrim may have busted the door open, but Burn the Orphanage: Born to Lose, created by Daniel Freedman and Sina Grace, promises to destroy the whole wall. Continue reading “Burn the Orphanage: Born to Lose Is So Much Win!”

Millarworld's Starlight #1 Review


Mark Millar looks to the stars to expand Millarworld. Starlight #1 introduces us to the life of Duke McQueen, a man who dreams of his past glories as a space hero. As a savior of a distant planet, Duke’s triumph was celebrated with fireworks. However, his hopes of being admired and respected came crashing down when he returned to Earth and his beloved wife. Continue reading “Millarworld’s Starlight #1 Review”