Red-Headed Mule

My Little Pony #9 IDW Review


“Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair,” published by IDW.
Issue written by Katie Cook and drawn by Andy Price.

Here comes Big Mac. In this issue of IDW’s My Little Pony, Katie Cook and Andy Price serve up a screwball comedy-adventure as Big Mac looks for a nail. He must go through a very, busy Equestrian festival where hijinks ensue and he lends a helping hoof. Continue reading “My Little Pony #9 IDW Review”

Judge Dredd: Year One #4 Review


Writer: Matt Smith Artist: Simon Coleby Colorist: Leonard O’Grady Letterer: Gilbert Lazcano Cover: Greg Staples Variant Cover: Dave Sim

LOVED this issue! First off, you’re immediately treated to a younger version of Dredd and his old academy partner, Rico. This is a good nod for fans of the original Judge Dredd movie, starring Sylvester Stallone in the leading role and Armand Assante as Rico. The Atomic War has been started by the then President, Robert L. Booth. Millions will perish but Dredd and Rico need to fight their way to the Hall Of Justice. Continue reading “Judge Dredd: Year One #4 Review”