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Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts #2 Review


Last month on City of Courts, Judge Joseph Dredd visits the West Coast, sees some scenery, and experience West Coast law, order, and fashion. Now Dredd goes undercover and delve into gang life as “The Man,” an artist and survivor of the Cursed Earth. As “The Man,” Dredd has a documentary crew following his every move. No longer a hard-working man merely cleaning up scum, Dredd poses as a BIG STAR!

Both covers are amusing. The regular cover dares you to play dress up with Mega-City One’s finest lawman. Even his exposed face is still unexposed. The variant cover is a spoof of the Terminator 2: Judgement Day poster. In addition to the City of Courts #2 preview, check out the preview to Judge Dredd Classics #8, reprinting the end of the Apocalypse War storyline from the pages of 2000 AD. Continue reading “Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts #2 Review”

Black Dynamite #1 Brings the Boom [REVIEW]


Written by Brian Ash, Black Dynamite must face the biggest threat the black community has ever faced before: HIMSELF!

This IDW comic book is BRILLIANT. If you loved the ‘Black Dynamite’ movie like I did, you should really take a look into this new comic! You get the feel and look of the 1970’s right when you pop open this book! I was immediately transported back to the old ‘Power Man and Iron Fist’ days with the first page and was happily surprised by the level of detail this cast put into giving off the nostalgic feel. Continue reading “Black Dynamite #1 Brings the Boom [REVIEW]”

Judge Dredd's First Encounter In The "City of Courts" [REVIEW]


Clarence’s review of IDW’s “Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts” #1.

Douglas Wolk, one of the few comics critics people have likely heard of, writes his first comic book series for IDW. Judge Dredd, a favorite character of his, makes his presence on the West Coast and discovers his brutal approach to justice makes him a square peg. “Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts” #1 is illustrated by Ulises Farinas, who impressed some comics readers with Dark Horse’s Gamma and whose artwork I almost mistaken for Brandon Graham.

“City of Courts” #1’s amusing cover is somewhat grittier than the interior art. Dredd stands under a freeway ramp in front of two vehicles, one of which is a Lawmaster. Holding a bizarre gun with a smiley bear face, Dredd gives a growling face to us as if he misses his Lawgiver and wants to go back to Mega-City One.


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GI Joe Nagging Notes: Comics, Rap Video, Posters


Let’s read some Nagging Notes, news bits clustered around a theme topic. This time, these Notes focus on the venerable franchise, GI Joe.

IDW GI Joe Comics Sneak Peeks

On 15 January, IDW will have three GI Joe releases:

  • A Real American Hero #198, written by Larry Hama and drawn by S.L. Gallant.
  • Special Missions #11, written by Chuck Dixon, drawn by Paul Gulacy, and colored by Aburtov
  • Special Missions, Volume 2 Trade Paperback

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Must Rise Over The City Fall [Review]


While not the city-spanning epic I expected, “City Fall” is an entertaining arc with the many aspects of familial loyalty on display. Shredder is making a power grab and has enlisted the brainwashed Leonardo as his chunin, the ultimate example of a ninja warrior. The Turtles, with the help of April O’Neil and the shady feline Old Hob, navigate solemn New York City to find their brother.

“City Fall” features factions, but never gets too entangled in gang wars: Shredder and Karai’s Foot, the Savate, the Purple Dragons, our reptilian heroes, and even a brief alliance between Splinter and Old Hob. Ah, New York, that solemn battlefield bringing a cat and mouse together. Continue reading “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Must Rise Over The City Fall [Review]”

Preview Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #12 & Classics Volume 9


It’s Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary and IDW are releasing two major comics to satisfy your Whovian needs.

Prisoners of Time #12 is the mutli-Doctor, multi-companion finale to the almost year-long saga. Issue written by Scott & David Tipton, drawn by Kelly Yates, and colored by Charlie Kirchoff. Also featuring a variant cover by Dave Sim.

Doctor Who Classics Volume 9 has seven stories from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. The preview excerpts “Time and Tide,” written by Richard Starkings and John Carnell, and drawn by Dougie Braithwaite and Dave Elliot. Continue reading “Preview Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #12 & Classics Volume 9”

110 Characters or Less: The Other Dead 1 & 2 Review


Twitter allows distilled thoughts within 140 characters. However, I go one step further. With 110 characters, I express my thoughts and post a relevant web address so that the important stuff’s in one neat Tweet. It might be useful for other social media platforms, too.

Clarence reviews IDW’s The Other Dead, yet another way to fill our lust for zombies. Continue reading “110 Characters or Less: The Other Dead 1 & 2 Review”