The Atoning Review

The filmmakers provided a screener for review. This review avoids mentioning major spoilers.

The horror-suspense film The Atoning, directed by Michael Williams, gives a distorted view of an American family. The first act of the movie show this family, mother Vera, father Ray, and son Sam going through the motions inside of their home. Witnessing routine after routine is odd enough until the family sees strange visions of other people. Later, the movie shows who has to do some actual atoning, including confronting some coal-black demons, and why. Continue reading “The Atoning Review”

Candyman, Killer Clown, & More Urban Legends Make For Chiller Special

Chiller debuts Killer Legends on 16 March at 8PM Eastern. This primetime special has filmmakers Rachel Mills and Joshua Zeman examining four tales from the scary side of American mythology. Below is from the press release detailing the four featured urban legends: Candyman, Baby-Sitter & the Man Upstairs, Hookman, and the Killer Clown from Chicago. Continue reading “Candyman, Killer Clown, & More Urban Legends Make For Chiller Special”