Red-Headed Mule

Grabbers Should Grab Horror Fans' Attention


An Irish-British horror flick where alcohol carries a signficant benefit? Even I’ll have a go at watching it. Grabbers is sometimes silly, but never rowdy. It’s an example of nodding at 1950s B-movie horror films without taking in their weaknesses. If one sticks with the slower buildup in the opening act and some distinct brogues throughout, Grabbers becomes 90 minutes of charming Irish horror. Continue reading “Grabbers Should Grab Horror Fans’ Attention”

Mockingbird Lane Review [VIDEO]

The Munsters with Special Non-Guest Monroe

With all the special effects on display, this revival of The Munsters would’ve been one of the most expensive TV series of all time. Did we really need special effects to show the arrival of Grandpa and Lily, both coming out of “moving” boxes and brought to life by rats and mist, respectively? There’s no way there would be explicit scenes of animal/monster attacks or long shots of creepy creatures every episode. Also, I had vague memories of the wackiness of the original series, but mastermind Bryan Fuller tried to give a little too much seriousness to a silly premise. Continue reading “Mockingbird Lane Review [VIDEO]”

Monster Brawl Review


Omg, I just can’t watch this ANYMORE!

I saw the case and HAD to buy it. This was crazy from Jump Street. It’s got pro wrestling manager Jimmy Hart in it! You have a tournament of creatures versus the undead . A vampire, mummy, the Frankenstein monster, Wolfman and more! Plus, anytime I can see Kevin Nash act, I’m just not gonna pass that up. Continue reading “Monster Brawl Review”