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[NEWS-ISH] Heroes is Reborn in 2015

NBC is making yet another stab at nostalgia after cancelling Michael J. Fox’s sitcom and having talks with Bill Cosby for a new show. Going further back, NBC had unsuccessful revivals of Knight Rider, The Bionic Woman, and American Gladiators. This time, the Peacock is looking for some “Heroes.”

Four years after cancellation, NBC announces “Heroes Reborn.” The 13-episode miniseries, which will bring back creator and executive producer Tim Kring, will launch in 2015.

According to the press release, Heroes still allegedly “commands a rabid fan base.” That may be true for Hayden Panettiere (Claire the cheerleader) or Zachary Quinto (then Sylar, now Spock). My recall of Heroes is that its popularity seriously cooled down from the second season on. What fans DID fond memories for is the highly-rated and highly-praised first season. Continue reading “[NEWS-ISH] Heroes is Reborn in 2015”