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Crowdfunding Catch: New G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Poster Almost Ready For Action


Robert Carson Mataxis built 3DJoes as a virtual shelf for action figures of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line. A nostalgic trip awaits for visitors as they get a 360 degree look at the classic battling figure. Mataxis keeps 3DJoes free from advertising, preferring to sell posters of various figure sets. Now, he looks to Kickstarter to make a new G.I. Joe-related poster. Continue reading “Crowdfunding Catch: New G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Poster Almost Ready For Action”

Bronze, Silver, Gold: Community Enlists "G.I. Jeff"


It’s time for another madcap animated adventure starring the Wingman, Three Kids, Fourth Wall, Buzzkill, and Tight Ship fighting terrorism wherever it terrorizes. Um… this is not the G.I. Joe show I remembered from my childhood.

For G.I. Joe fans who don’t watch Community, creator Dan Harmon loves to experiment with his show while somehow maintaining some pathos. The base premise for most of Community’s existence involves a ragtag bunch of community college students, led by ex-lawyer Jeff Winger. They’ve done animated episodes like the claymation Christmas one and the 8-bit video game adventure. Continue reading “Bronze, Silver, Gold: Community Enlists “G.I. Jeff””

GI Joe Nagging Notes: Comics, Rap Video, Posters


Let’s read some Nagging Notes, news bits clustered around a theme topic. This time, these Notes focus on the venerable franchise, GI Joe.

IDW GI Joe Comics Sneak Peeks

On 15 January, IDW will have three GI Joe releases:

  • A Real American Hero #198, written by Larry Hama and drawn by S.L. Gallant.
  • Special Missions #11, written by Chuck Dixon, drawn by Paul Gulacy, and colored by Aburtov
  • Special Missions, Volume 2 Trade Paperback

Continue reading “GI Joe Nagging Notes: Comics, Rap Video, Posters”