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RHM Interviews Game Show Marathon Hosts!

Game Show Marathon

Making entertaining shows for 30 or 60 minutes is hard work. The First Annual 24 Hour Game Show Marathon is a huge effort of streaming 24 game shows of various types. I give a lot of credit to hosts Christian Carrion, Cory Antonado, and Bob Hagh for preparing this big event.

The marathon is to support the fight against cancer. Donations are currently accepted. Donors who give $25 will be able to play. This event will start at 3 PM Eastern Time Friday and will be streamed at & with the keyword WSINRadio. For those readers or passersby of RHM the stream will be posted on the home page.

Here is the interview with Christian & Cory: Continue reading “RHM Interviews Game Show Marathon Hosts!”

Casual Trebek

Alex Trebek
The three faces of Casual Trebek.

Irritatingly intelligent quizmaster is one perception of Alex Trebek. Trebek shows his relaxed side in some appearances outside Jeopardy! Click on the pic for bigger size. Instead of hotlinking, please place the image on your own server or a image hosting service. Continue reading “Casual Trebek”