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Hollywood Game Night 2014 Premiere Episode Recaps


Thanks to NBC scheduling, there’s a load to review. The first episode, Party Boys vs. Game Night Girls is very painful to watch thanks to Martin Short. Maybe at comedy, he’s an insufferable genius, but on this show, Short’s just insufferable.

The new episodes are brought to us from the much roomier Jane Lynch Estates. I preferred the previous set, but this one’s okay.
The second episode, “Thing That Go Clue-Boom in the Night,” is much better. Below is an abridged recap of both episodes. Sorry, no round-by-round breakdowns I did on the last season of Hollywood Game Night. Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night 2014 Premiere Episode Recaps”

Japanizi: I Survived a Faux-Japanese Game Show


When I saw the TV listings, I came across a weird title. Japan-what-zi? For a moment, I thought there’s a show called Japanazi, which would be very bizarre.

Oh, yes, Japanizi, a new show for kids? Hmm, seems interesting. Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong is a spoof of Japan’s goofy game shows brought to us by Canada. Airing in late November on Disney XD, this show goes all out to give viewers that distinct game show experience: big graphics, expressive personnel, wacky stunts, and so on.

I’m torn on whether the show is genuinely offensive. Continue reading “Japanizi: I Survived a Faux-Japanese Game Show”

Cedric the Entertainer's First Day on Millionaire


Millionaire’s new era, where “serious money meets seriously funny,” isn’t an instant hit.

It’ll take some time getting used to Cedric the Entertainer hosting Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. Meredith Vieira’s successor is a response to Steve Harvey’s success on Family Feud. Though WWTBAM aims for memorable, silly moments, it still has the same difficult “shuffled questions for shuffled banked amounts” format. The current format and casting preference for personality over intelligence means anyone trying for even $250K is a rare event. Continue reading “Cedric the Entertainer’s First Day on Millionaire”

Hollywood Game Night Week 8 (Season Finale) Review [SPOILERS]

David Ferrara, Tom Arnold, Emilie de Ravin, contestant Chris, Terry Crews, contestant Amber, David Giuntoli, Hoda Kotb, Jane Lynch

Episode title: “Portraits of a Killer Party”

LAST WEEK on Hollywood Game Night: NBC tries one last stab to make The Office something we should care about. TWO WEEKS AGO: Aubrey Plaza was neither awkward nor barefoot, Dominic Monaghan didn’t condemn the crowd with his hit song, “You All Everybody,” and Molly Shannon and Wilmer Valderrama were just happy to be there.

Jane Lynch welcomes us to the “House That Four Years in Track Suit Built.” Ha.

It’s been a fun eight weeks. Hollywood Game Night is a decent little show that NBC can use to promote its stars for the next few years. Jane Lynch is an inspired choice to emcee as she engages with everybody and maintains a fun atmosphere. Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night Week 8 (Season Finale) Review [SPOILERS]”

Hollywood Game Night Week 5 Review [SPOILERS]

Al Roker, Jason Alexander, contestant David Clark, Josh Gadd, Jane Lynch, contestant Leilani Evans, Will Sasso, Niecy Nash, Nick Cannon

The fourth edition of Hollywood Game Night it titled “America’s Got Game Night.” Neither Howard Stern nor Howie Mandel didn’t show up, so this couldn’t been as curiously surreal as it could’ve been.

Emcee Jane Lynch calls both contestants “normies” instead of “civilians.” What’s next, calling the stars “gods of the pantheon of showbiz?” The celebs reached nowhere near Martin Short levels of annoyance, so I enjoyed this week’s episode.

Continue reading for details on this star-studded match. Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night Week 5 Review [SPOILERS]”

Hollywood Game Night Week 2 Review [SPOILERS]


Looking for 25 July episode with Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Sean Hayes, Jason Sudeikis, Dax Shepard, & Maya Rudolph?

Episode title: “Dont’ Kill My Buzz-er.”

It’s the second week of Hollywood Game Night, where we feel the glow of pure Hollywood star power! Or maybe it’s the monitor I’ve staring at for too long.

Anyway, emcee Jane Lynch is more easy-going and less shtick-y this week. Here’s our match: Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night Week 2 Review [SPOILERS]”

Hollywood Game Night Review [SPOILERS]

Photo by Trae Patton for NBC

See Hollywood Game Night Week 2: Valerie Bertinelli, Yvette Nicole Brown, Sarah Chalke, Cheryl Hines, Matthew Morrison, and Rob Riggle.

Topper image credit: Trae Patton/NBC.

Hollywood Game Night is inoffensive fun. Are emcee Jane Lynch and friends treated as gods who’ll overpower the show from the mere mortal contestants? Not quite. HGN is light-hearted compared to the spectacle of someone taking home $50,000 under pressure of going home broke on The Winner Is. The party atmosphere is easily established with decor, the bar, and the live band.

Aside from references to alcohol, HGN could easily fit as a syndicated daily show. The $25,000 grand prize seemed less impressive after watching The Winner Is, but I was fine with it after watching the first episode in full.

Much credit goes to the Rayburn-esque Lynch for being engaging and keeping control. Martin Short is there for the “lulz,” but some of the actions could’ve been costly in a close game. Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night Review [SPOILERS]”

Fun With the Hip Hop Squares (VIDEO)

The set of Hip Hop Squares

A review of the game where the Squares setting leaves Hollywood glamour for the NYC club scene.
UPDATE: Second episode video below.

Mister X
Alejandro plays Mister X
Miss O
Inqu plays Miss O

I didn’t know what to expect from the new version of the classic Hollywood Squares format. I do appreciate that this durable televisual Tic-Tac-Toe is here on MTV2. I stay on the edges of hip-hop news so I recognized some of the stars but the ones I didn’t stop from enjoying the show. Mac Miller, in the tradition of Paul Lynde, Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, & the Internet-less Martin Mull, does center square duties in the premiere episode. Miller and the other celebrities made the show a breezy, fun time.

Continue reading “Fun With the Hip Hop Squares (VIDEO)”