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Comic of the Day: Mad #1 (1952)


Alternate name: “The Melvin Issue”

Comixology is offering the first issue of Mad today for free, but this isn’t the Mad that zings pop culture from “the usual gang of idiots.” It’s the original Mad comic that took aim at then-popular genres like Westerns and Futuristic Sci-Fi.

I’m not sure how young audiences who are exposed to Mad via the Cartoon Network show are going to take in panels that are sometimes dense in text and genres that fascinated people in the 1950s. Mad #1 is still an awesome historical curiosity. Continue reading “Comic of the Day: Mad #1 (1952)”

2000 AD Free Comic Book Day 2013 Prog Review


Who can resist Henry Flint’s cover spoofing Action Comics #1 (Quinch is lifting the car with D.R. inside), Amazing Fantasy #15 (Dredd sending someone named Shakespeare to 5 years in an Iso-Cube, and Giant Size X-Men #1 (with a cameo of Durham Red alongside the stars of this Prog)?

Let’s see what’s inside this FCBD edition of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic: Continue reading “2000 AD Free Comic Book Day 2013 Prog Review”

FREE Comic! Anatomy of War #1


Below is the entirety of Ravishing Roshawn Rochester and ‘Lectric Luisa Russo’s Anatomy of War #1. Two young men worlds apart but they’ll experience the journey of their lives. Read the about page to see that the inspiration for AoW is different than most comics. Roshawn also has a PDF copy available.

If you like AoW #1, consider buying a physical copy by emailing Roshawn. He’s currently working on AoW #2 with new artist Michael Dorman. Continue reading “FREE Comic! Anatomy of War #1”

Free Comic Books Every Day Online

UPDATE 24 August, Image Comics 2012 First Issues on Comixology.


2012 Image titles #1 issues are free on Comixology! RHM has reviewed some of these:

These reviews will help you decide which series is worth sticking around.

UPDATE 25 July, one new entry.

UPDATE 7 July, 2 new entries.

Get into the spirit of Free Comic Book Day by visiting these sites. These major and independent comic book companies offer legit free comic books. Accept no substitutes!