Red-Headed Mule

An Essay on Fatherhood

I had to really dig deep and dwell on the meaning of what a “Father” is to me and in pop culture today. I turn on the E! Network (which is, admittedly, my one and only news source… and I consider it a legit one, at that) and I am inundated with stories of which celebrity is becoming a father by his supermodel girlfriend, a couple of father/daughter celeb feuds, and other similarly un-fascinating news to the rest of the world (yet, highly fascinating to yours truly). Then something happened to my own Father.

CottonmouthBeing the man that he’s been for the 28 years that I’ve known him, my father tried wrangling a cottonmouth snake and was bitten- not once, not twice, but multiple times (pretty sure the thing just wanted to eat his hand). Thinking it wasn’t a big deal, and being the guitar pickin’ man I love, Daddy decided to just get back to his guitar and ignore the throbbing and swelling in his right hand. Having been essentially forced to go to the emergency room, my father was informed that not only could he have died had the venom gotten any closer to his heart, but he was still at high risk for losing his hand.

His livelihood.

My father is a musician. He is a painter. His hands are what put food on his table. They are what put food on our table growing up. At the thought of my father losing the one thing that seemed to bring him joy (and a paycheck) to his life, I just kept hearing in my head that song “Daddy’s Hands”. Holly Dunn. Good song—if you can stomach 80s country, which I easily can. Continue reading “An Essay on Fatherhood”

Redhead (George Jetson) & Space Donkey of the Day!

George Jetson on the Drums

George can't treadmill
“Jane, stop this crazy thing!”

Coming from a Hanna-Barbera future, George Jetson, father of 2 and expert treadmill runner, is Redhead of the Day!

(See the Space Donkey of the Day!)

He’s an classic character who’s up there with Fred Flintstone and Peter Griffin. In my view, The Jetsons ran was basically from the original prime-time run in the 60s to the Orbity-filled syndication years of the 80s through The Movie, released by Universal in 1990. George Jetson lives a very grueling life. Let’s not stay still for nostalgia. Check out his nifty morning routine:

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Redhead (Mark McGwire) & Mule of the Day - 20 March

Redhead of the Day: It’s hard for me to describe Mark McGwire‘s overall contribution to baseball. What a shame that he and several of his fellow hitters fell into the steroid temptation. However, that didn’t stop me from finding these:

A talk with Albert Pujols:
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