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My Favorite Kate O'Mara Moment: Tricking the Doctor

Doctor Who, for much of the late 80s, was spotty at best. Maybe that’s why Kate O’Mara’s Rani isn’t as revered as the other legendary baddies. The Rani is a Time Lady, the same alien race as The Doctor, who was a cold, EEEVIL scientist. O’Mara played The Rani in “Mark of the Rani,” “Time and the Rani,” and “Dimensions in Time.” Those three stories are hardly the pinnacle of Doctor Who stories. Continue reading “My Favorite Kate O’Mara Moment: Tricking the Doctor”

13 Nostalgic Things About Doctor Who


Congratulations, BBC, for fifty years of wandering through time and space. The big anniversary episode should be better than Dimensions of Time and maybe The Five Doctors. I’m gathering several points of Doctor Who-related nostalgia, but there will none of that Tom Baker wax dummy nonsense. Nope.

I don’t have the best vantage point for these items, not being born until long after Doctor Who premiered and not being British. That doesn’t deter me from crafting this list of the peaks of valleys of Doctor Who history. Continue reading “13 Nostalgic Things About Doctor Who”

Preview Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #12 & Classics Volume 9


It’s Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary and IDW are releasing two major comics to satisfy your Whovian needs.

Prisoners of Time #12 is the mutli-Doctor, multi-companion finale to the almost year-long saga. Issue written by Scott & David Tipton, drawn by Kelly Yates, and colored by Charlie Kirchoff. Also featuring a variant cover by Dave Sim.

Doctor Who Classics Volume 9 has seven stories from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. The preview excerpts “Time and Tide,” written by Richard Starkings and John Carnell, and drawn by Dougie Braithwaite and Dave Elliot. Continue reading “Preview Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #12 & Classics Volume 9”

Reviews: Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG Assimilation² #5 & Mind the Gap #5

The Doctor and the Captain

Mind the Gap #5 Review

Mind the Gap #5 coverWritten by Jim McCann. Drawn by Rodin Esquejo & Adrian Alphona.

This issue, which contains many pages on Dane and his life story, has cartoonier art but is no less effective than the previous issues. Identity of the man who walked in last issue should be obvious. We do see who’s orchestrating the plan behind getting Dane arrested and employing Hoodie. That person’s known to have plenty of resources; McCann didn’t do a deceitful swerve here. If Elle’s your favorite character to watch in Gap then this issue may be disappointing.

If you pay attention to the asymmetrical main cover, there’s a hint as to why Elle is a target. The “why” of this mystery is more important than the “who did it.” In spite of the big reveal, Gap #5 isn’t a deterrent from continuing this fine series.

Preview this issue at Comic Book Resources.

Doctor Who/Star Trek: TNG: Assimilation² #5

Written by Scott & David Tipton. Penciled by Gordon Purcell and painted by J.K. Woodward.

The Borg and Cybermen are in conflict and Captain Picard is content at that.

First half’s full of exposition that only complete newbies to either Trek or Who wouldn’t know. Second part improves the Doctor tries his own way of convincing Picard via TARDIS.

Rory and Amy don’t bring balance to the argument between the Doctor and the Captain, but they provide sensible human insight.

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