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Young Justice S02E04 Quick Review

Arrowed Guy
Not enough arrowing this week.

Angst! Angst! Angst! Roy, the Red Arrow, deals with the possibility never finding the original Speedy. Blue Beetle gets more annoying until he finally explains to Connor the invisible chatting buddy that is the scarab AND communicates with the Applexian that wants some healing from a nuclear power plant. Bringing the Appelaxian back was Ugly and Whisper’s plan to reanimate the Justice League’s first alien trophies. Sadly, before the pained creature can gulp some creamy nuke goodness, Sportsmaster kills it. Continue reading “Young Justice S02E04 Quick Review”

Writer Spotlight: J.T. Krul

Comic book creator J.T. Krul
J.T. Krul. Picture by Luigi Novi (CC BY 3.0)

Anyone been reading Captain Atom? OF COURSE YOU HAVE!!! The man behind this AMAZING book is none other than renowned writer, J.T. Krul. He has also worked on such titles as Mindfield (a personal favorite of mine), Fathom Beginnings, Soulfire, X-Men Unlimited, Green Arrow, Titans and Teen Titans (YAY!). Continue reading “Writer Spotlight: J.T. Krul”

Justice League #7

I have to say this is one of my top five books out of the whole DC Universe reboot. The first arc was really good so I can’t wait to see what this new arc brings us. With new enemies emerging and personalities clashing, this “new” team is stacking up to be pretty well rounded. With the addition of Cyborg as a big hitter now, it is no wonder why this book is becoming a hit with old and new fans alike. Continue reading “Justice League #7”