Interview: Cosplayer Elffi


Let’s salute the great contributor to geek culture: the cosplayer. As long as there’s an Internet, we’ll ogle at the pretty ladies in costumes. What about the guys? I searched for well-known name and I discovered just the one to interview. He’s Janne Hemminki Rusanen from Finland, but you may know him as Elffi.

Elffi has traveled the world wearing and judging costumes. He’s fond of Japanese culture as you’ll see below. While I’ll always have an appreciation for female cosplayers, I felt that I had to give some time to the guys who love the activity, too.

Hold on, ladies and gents, especially if you’re fancy gentlemen in fancy dress. Continue reading “Interview: Cosplayer Elffi”

Review of Dragon*Con 2012 [VIDEO]


Every year on Labor Day weekend, thousands of people head to Atlanta, Ga for Dragon*Con. If you haven’t heard of this event then you are missing out on an amazing con. Dragon*Con is a Sci-Fi convention with plenty of things for everyone. The con if spread out into the major hotels in downtown Atlanta: The Hilton, The Hyatt, the Marriott, the Sheraton and the Westin. Anything sci-fi related or you can think of is there. Featured there are video games, movies, TV shows, and the works! Continue reading “Review of Dragon*Con 2012 [VIDEO]”