Peter Cullen at Sac Anime Winter 2015

Legendary voiceover artist Peter Cullen made his way to Sacramento this January and answered questions from press and fans. According to Roshawn, Optimus Prime is the only cartoon character to make him cry twice. TWICE. In these videos below, Roshawn taped some Q&As, one of which is a one-on-one sitdown with the voice of Optimus Prime himself. Continue reading “Peter Cullen at Sac Anime Winter 2015”

Sac Anime January 2015 Report

The first Sac Anime of 2015 has come and gone…but it was a doozy! While I didn’t get to attend on Friday, I was still able to attend the rest of the weekend. There was so much going on that I really wish it was a week-long event. I wanted to attend every panel there was, partake in all of the festivities (such as the trading card games) and head up to the second floor where there is ALWAYS a huge group of cosplayers that throw down…dancey dance style. Continue reading “Sac Anime January 2015 Report”

Sac Anime Summer 2014 Report


Having gone to this convention for the past few years, it always surprises me that there are a huge amount of people that like anime as much as, and in a lot of cases even more than, I do. Walking up to the Sacramento Convention Center, there was an almost serene calm. We walked up via the Kay Street cobblestone walkways and were slightly amused by the change in scenery as we turned the corner. Though this side of the convention center was dead, at our immediate left was a metropolis of cosplayers and anime fans alike. Continue reading “Sac Anime Summer 2014 Report”

San Diego Comic-Con '14: Top Cow To Offer Exclusive Litho Prints


Top Cow Productions is going all out for San Diego Comic-Con. They’re offering exclusive variants, VIP packages, and lithographic prints. Several VIP packages are offered including the Stjepan Sejic/Matt Hawkins Package, the Marc Silvestri package, and the ComicCon Writer’s Package. Availability for the packages are limited and seats for them will be sold at $200. Visit booth #2629 if you’re interested. Continue reading “San Diego Comic-Con ’14: Top Cow To Offer Exclusive Litho Prints”

Sac-Con June 2014 Report: Power Rangers! Kevin Maguire! Cosplay!


Seeing the talent that they had lined up for the show, it was hard to think about doing anything else this weekend. I saw the Power Rangers Samurai cast (Alex Heartman, Najee De-Tiege, Steven Skyler and Hector David Jr.), Kevin Maguire (Justice League America and Guardians of the Galaxy), actor D.C. Douglas (Albert Wesker from Resident Evil video game series, Mass Effect character Legion) and many more! Continue reading “Sac-Con June 2014 Report: Power Rangers! Kevin Maguire! Cosplay!”

Wizard World Sacramento Day Two Report


Where Paolo Rivera does dazzling doodling, Roshawn acquires awesome action figures made by NECA, and the kids have fun with cosplayers. Read Part One!

It was day two! We were running a little late but we figured we would be…we have kids. Not to mention that my son was dressing up in his Thor: The Dark World costume!

Needless to say, we showed up to a very crowded Sacramento Convention Center. LUCKILY my wife paid attention to the Wizard World site and used their “Preferred Parking” options. We paid for parking all up front for the whole weekend and just walked up to the Convention Center. We just needed to get the kids’ stickers and then we were in again! Continue reading “Wizard World Sacramento Day Two Report”

Wizard World Sacramento Day One Report

Wizard World Logo

Wizard World Sacramento! Three days of what was promised to be a pop-culture explosion for nerds everywhere. Special guests included cast members from, The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead, Sheamus from WWE, William Shatner (THE SHAT!), Stan “The Man” Lee, Bruce Campbell (GROOVY!) and, from Marvel’s The Avengers, Chris Hemsworth!

And let’s not forget about the comic book legends as well with talents such as Neal Adams, Tom Cook, Dan Brereton, Paolo Rivera, Chris Claremont, Greg Horn, Ethan Van Sciver, Jimmie Robinson and more!! This was going to be one awesome weekend! Continue reading “Wizard World Sacramento Day One Report”

Image Expo 2014: Top Five Most Interesting Titles


Image reasserts its place in the comics industry in the 2014 Image Expo. The Expo has come and gone and I’m trying to make sense of the flurry of news and press releases I received. Where the original Image Expo held a reunion of most of the Image founders, this year’s edition is a showcase of new directions with several notable comics creators.

What about those teasers that were sent before Thursday obviously hinting at Invincible? Jude Terror of the Outhousers pieced together the clues and stated that it’s for the 111th issue of Invincible. Indeed, Skybound revealed Invincible #111 hyped as “the only superhero comic you’ll ever need.” Continue reading “Image Expo 2014: Top Five Most Interesting Titles”

Power Rangers Cast, Cosplayers At Sac Anime Sunday!


It was the last day of Sac Anime and I really wanted to take my kids to see the Power Rangers. I went as a fan and not a member of the press but I still had a lot of access to the special guests as the convention was small enough that it was not overwhelming for them.

We started our day off by picking up our tickets at the Sheraton hotel. The tickets were $20 per adult and children eight and under were free. The event staff was very nice and even helped me sign up for the next convention right there on the spot. From there we made our way up the street to the Sacramento Convention Center. We were lucky enough to bump into a few cosplayers on the way and were even luckier to have taken pictures with our kids. Continue reading “Power Rangers Cast, Cosplayers At Sac Anime Sunday!”