Bronze, Silver, Gold: Community Enlists "G.I. Jeff"


It’s time for another madcap animated adventure starring the Wingman, Three Kids, Fourth Wall, Buzzkill, and Tight Ship fighting terrorism wherever it terrorizes. Um… this is not the G.I. Joe show I remembered from my childhood.

For G.I. Joe fans who don’t watch Community, creator Dan Harmon loves to experiment with his show while somehow maintaining some pathos. The base premise for most of Community’s existence involves a ragtag bunch of community college students, led by ex-lawyer Jeff Winger. They’ve done animated episodes like the claymation Christmas one and the 8-bit video game adventure. Continue reading “Bronze, Silver, Gold: Community Enlists “G.I. Jeff””

[PHOTOS] Community Tackles App Development and Bondage

Community's Shirley and Professor Hickey

Community, along with Parks & Recreation, return to NBC Thursday on 27 February. Here are pics from two upcoming episodes, “Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality” and “App Development and Condiments.” We’re a few months from knowing whether Community earns its sixth season (with an option for a movie) so these attached photos may entice people to get over the Sochi Winter Olympics and keep the show afloat. Maybe. Continue reading “[PHOTOS] Community Tackles App Development and Bondage”

Bronze/Silver/Gold - Three Funniest Moments From Community "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"


It’s good to have Dan Harmon rightfully the good ship Community. I see that the overnight rating is an impressive 1.4 in the key demo. I feel that if Community stays above 1.0 in the key demo then it’s a sure renewal and one step closer to… you know.

Community is recovering from the off-key season four. Here are my three favorite moments from “Basic Intergluteal Nusimastics,” where Greendale is under a panic from the Asscrack Bandit stuffing coins into students’ backsides. Continue reading “Bronze/Silver/Gold – Three Funniest Moments From Community “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics””

Nagging Notes! Late Spring Edition!

The study group goes 8-bit!

Hello, all. It’s been fine here near the Deep South Swamplands. Complaints about the notorious humidity haven’t peaked and I’ve these quick thought to share.

Community – S03E20 – “Digital Estate Planning”

It wasn’t the funniest or most satisying episode, but I enjoyed the nostalgia trip. Yes, the folks at Community threw lots and lots of classic video game tropes to simulate what those old games may have been like. Here some of my highlights: Continue reading “Nagging Notes! Late Spring Edition!”