Ping Pong Summer Review


As syrupy sweet Ping Pong Summer is, there’s a lingering aftertaste after experiencing the nostalgia sugar rush. Maybe others will or have liked it as a novelty, but I’ve become jaded after seeing many teen movies and TV shows. This indie comedy-drama is writer/director Michael Tully a love letter to 1980s fun, but that’s all viewers get. Continue reading “Ping Pong Summer Review”

Iron Sky Review


Directed by Timo Vuorensola.

The filmmakers of the crowdfunded spectacle throw a lot of stuff at the viewers. Iron Sky has extravagant production values, pushy political values, sultry babes, and space battles worthy of George Lucas. Speaking of Lucas, there’s even a Black guy playing a pathetic buffoon (Christopher Kirby) ruining scenes. What a bonus! Continue reading “Iron Sky Review”