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Avengers Academy Volumes 1 & 2 Review

Avengers Academy Volume 1 coverAvengers Academy Volume 2 CoverAvengers Academy is the one the most recent teenage super-teams. A group of six teens who were held under Norman Osborn now start the path to becoming the newest Avengers. On the other hand, some of them wonder whether they’ll tread another path either as villain, de-powered, or just staying alive. The theme of acting ethically is made evident in the instructors being flawed people. They are clearly not the first tier of Avengers emotionally: Hank Pym, who’s dealing with the loss of his wife Janet, Quicksilver, an ally at the moment, Speedball, trying to get over the infamous Stanford incident, and Tigra, a victim of a videotaped assault gone viral and whose child’s biological father was a Skrull carrying Hank Pym’s identity AND his DNA. Continue reading “Avengers Academy Volumes 1 & 2 Review”