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Grayson #1: Examining the First Few Pages [REVIEW]


Finally, a new New 52 title I can look forward to reading. Tim Seeley, Tom King, Mikel Janin and others tell the tale of Dick Grayson’s next stage as a hero. Most of my comments are about the first few pages of the comic. I’m not a big fan of Dick Grayson and I’m not really into spy stuff, but Grayson is more interesting than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a show I’m tried of already after one season. SPOILERS ahead. Continue reading “Grayson #1: Examining the First Few Pages [REVIEW]”

TV Hype of the Week: Gotham


Gotham has shown some of its true face, but will it improve Fox’s woeful record of launching ambitious dramas? In recent years, Almost Human, Terra Nova, and Alcatraz have failed to earn second seasons. However, Fox’s Bat-prequel is generating much enthusiasm from the media. Potential viewers should step back and wonder will the show be worth the hype. Continue reading “TV Hype of the Week: Gotham”

Batman 1966-67 Comic Strips Gave Bat-Mania Daily POW!

Batman 1966-67 Comic Strips Cover

Honestly, that headline may be weird. I find the Batman of 1966 alluring. The TV show is a clear example of camp, the guest stars are pretty high-caliber, and it’s a welcome break from the dark, brooding Dark Knight.

IDW and The Library of American Comics bring us this collection of Batman and Robin adventures. While DC’s Batman ’66 is fine, these strips give the authentic 1966 experience. Before the main event, there’s an essay detailing the origin of the strips with Julius Schwartz at the helm. Continue reading “Batman 1966-67 Comic Strips Gave Bat-Mania Daily POW!”