Alphas Season 2 PREMIERE!! (with videos)

This season two premiere episode, named “Wake Up Call,” starts off with a quick rundown of season one. It is immediately followed up with Dr. Rosen having been put into a mental institution. Within seconds, he reveals that it has been eight months since he revealed the existence of Alphas to the world and is promptly returned to his room after his “session” is up. His rooms’ wall is lined with newspaper clippings of Stanton Parrish (Possibly the original Alpha; was hinted at being immortal last season). Continue reading “Alphas Season 2 PREMIERE!! (with videos)”

SyFy can capitalize on Alphas

This is a post I wrote a little while ago that zooms in on my love for the SyFy show ‘Alphas’. Enjoy!!

For those of you who know me , and those that do not, it is no surprise I am writing this. I am a HUGE fan of the SyFy show Alphas. There are so many reasons to watch this show that even this “note” wouldn’t do them justice. SyFy used to be known for it’s original movies and it’s supernatural television shows. It is now known for it’s Monday nights. I used to call it Double Feature Monday’s with Eureka and Warehouse 13 both showing on one glorious night. This is the way everyone’s week should start off. Each show has tons of heart and action and leaves you wanting more at the end ofthe night. You can’t ask for a better lineup. SyFy’s recent addition of Alphas, I now dub it SyFy Triple Threat Mondays. I don’t remember having so much fun on a Monday night. Continue reading “SyFy can capitalize on Alphas”