Consumption Corner - 11 April

Did you know that the Houston Colt .45s are the best team name in American sports? Now let’s move on to the current, civilized age of pop culture:

What I’m Watching

  • Mad Men on Netflix – I’m currently on season two. Slow-paced and it feels like a soap opera done right.
  • Initial D on Netflix – Five episodes in and I’m liking this. Also slow-paced but I now appreciate drift racing.
  • Community on NBC – Don’t let the Modern Warfare/Claymation Christmas lovers fool you! The show’s goodly consistent as it ever was.
  • Price is Right – After almost 30 years, the viewers will now experience Plinko Overload! Put “Plinko Week” on your Jump-the-Shark scorecard.

What I’m Watching Much Later

  • Alcatraz, The River – I know their seasons are over, but I’m still disappointed.
  • Glee – Can we just have the club graduate already?

What I’m Playing

  • Angry Birds Space, Seasons – Rovio made the birds vs. pigs rivalry challenging and fun again!
  • Edge (Android) – Reminds me of Marble Madness but with the developers figuring out all the angles.