Top Five Break-Out Comics Characters of 2012

Roshawn, creator of Anatomy of War and all-around comics fan, picks his top 5 Break-Out Characters of the past year.

X-O Manowar

5) X-O Manowar

One of the coolest new characters of the year! Back with a new origin and a new story, this Jim Shooter created character came blasting on the scene this year as Valiant Entertainment made their come back to monthly comics. This incarnation sees Aric Dacia (A Visigoth from the 4th Century) captured as a slave to the cosmos where he steals the armor that will help him escape the vicious aliens, The Vine. Continue reading “Top Five Break-Out Comics Characters of 2012”

Top 10 Movie Characters of 2012

My top ten picks for movie characters of the year were based on my most enjoyable moments in the theater. I have to admit, 2012 was a great time for movies. I was mesmerized more than once in my seat this year and there are a few times I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

I also want to mention that this does not represent my top ten movies of the year. These are just the characters that I loved within movies. Without too much more to read, here are my favorite movie characters of 2012. Continue reading “Top 10 Movie Characters of 2012”

12 Disappointments of 2012

I’ll warn you before you proceed. These are my personal disappointments without getting political or too obtuse. That means my viewpoint is expressed here and not some consensus of what others have to say. There were some terrible stuff I reviewed/seen but the expectations weren’t high to begin with. I think it’s a good year overall as I strained a bit to think of an adequate list.

Also, the items are no particular order. With that said, here we go:

Amazing Spider-Man #692 Comic & Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD

In light of finding out what happens in Amazing #700, I think Dan Slott is trying to subvert Spidey’s core message of power and responsibility. I went into reading #692 eager to find out what the new sidekick can do. I didn’t like the story and Humbertos Ramos’ art doesn’t fit Spider-Man. The back-up stories weren’t that great either. Continue reading “12 Disappointments of 2012”

Roshawn's Top Five Comic Book Companies of 2012

Roshawn Rochester is the creator of the comic book, Anatomy of War.

5) DC Comics

Hear me out. There are a few reasons why they are at the bottom of my number five list. First off, this is about comic books. Not movies, cartoons or toys. They may very well be number one had I taken all those into consideration. But this is strictly about the comics.

While I am always one for a good change, I think they changed way too much. By putting a lot of these heroes in new universes and then changing up so much of the story, I just don’t know what to say. And I used to be one of the biggest Teen Titans fans out there. I can’t even stand to look at the book now. Continue reading “Roshawn’s Top Five Comic Book Companies of 2012”