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Judge Dredd: Mega City Two: City of Courts #3 Review Plus Complete Cam Kennedy Volume 2 Preview


Previously, Dredd, on a mission from Mega-City One, tackles a local Stookie problem and he posed as a Cursed Earth survivor.

City of Courts #3, titled “Beach Blanket Justice,” continues the twisted travelogue. If you’ve enjoyed the past adventures of Dredd out on the West Coast, then you’ll like Dredd taking on a giant shrimp. Fish out of water plot, indeed. Dredd does some detective work, but a new mythical figure is discussed within the issue. Mega-City Two may be full of sunshine and lax Judges, but the vapid idiots trying to get their 15 minutes of fame makes me uneasy. Yes, LA is shallow. I get it. Continue reading “Judge Dredd: Mega City Two: City of Courts #3 Review Plus Complete Cam Kennedy Volume 2 Preview”

Rogue Trooper IDW #1 Review


In the few years I’ve acquainted myself with the 2000 AD pantheon, Rogue Trooper is my least read feature. There hasn’t been a Rogue Trooper story in the pages of 2000 AD since a “What If” tale in 2012. The character hasn’t been forgotten, though. Matthew Sprange of Mongoose Publishing ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for a Rogue Trooper miniatures game last year.

Rogue Trooper is one of several Genetic Infantrymen, the ultimate fighting force created to turn the tide for the Southers in the war against the Norts. GIs are gifted with several advantages over humans including the ability to freely move about in the toxic atmosphere of Nu-Earth. However, an incident in the Quartz Zone left Rogue the only survivor. Rogue’s only company are his fallen comrades-turned-chips, Gunnar, Helm, and Bagman. Take a wild guess at where they’re implanted.

From what little I’ve seen of Rogue Trooper, it’s awesome. BBC posted the first Rogue Trooper story from 1981, written by Gerry Finley-Day and drawn by Dave Gibbons. It’s an efficient seven pages getting over the premise of Rogue Trooper and his struggle thanks to Finley-Day’s plotting. Gibbons illustrates some memorable images without going completely over the top. How does Brian Ruckley and Alberto Ponticelli’s version compare? Continue reading “Rogue Trooper IDW #1 Review”

Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts #2 Review


Last month on City of Courts, Judge Joseph Dredd visits the West Coast, sees some scenery, and experience West Coast law, order, and fashion. Now Dredd goes undercover and delve into gang life as “The Man,” an artist and survivor of the Cursed Earth. As “The Man,” Dredd has a documentary crew following his every move. No longer a hard-working man merely cleaning up scum, Dredd poses as a BIG STAR!

Both covers are amusing. The regular cover dares you to play dress up with Mega-City One’s finest lawman. Even his exposed face is still unexposed. The variant cover is a spoof of the Terminator 2: Judgement Day poster. In addition to the City of Courts #2 preview, check out the preview to Judge Dredd Classics #8, reprinting the end of the Apocalypse War storyline from the pages of 2000 AD. Continue reading “Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts #2 Review”

Judge Dredd's First Encounter In The "City of Courts" [REVIEW]


Clarence’s review of IDW’s “Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts” #1.

Douglas Wolk, one of the few comics critics people have likely heard of, writes his first comic book series for IDW. Judge Dredd, a favorite character of his, makes his presence on the West Coast and discovers his brutal approach to justice makes him a square peg. “Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts” #1 is illustrated by Ulises Farinas, who impressed some comics readers with Dark Horse’s Gamma and whose artwork I almost mistaken for Brandon Graham.

“City of Courts” #1’s amusing cover is somewhat grittier than the interior art. Dredd stands under a freeway ramp in front of two vehicles, one of which is a Lawmaster. Holding a bizarre gun with a smiley bear face, Dredd gives a growling face to us as if he misses his Lawgiver and wants to go back to Mega-City One.


Continue reading “Judge Dredd’s First Encounter In The “City of Courts” [REVIEW]”

Judge Dredd Megazine #340 Gets "Ordinary"


Here comes the latest creator-owned story coming in the pages of Megazine #340, available 18 September. It’s coming from the same creative team bringing us one-third of the Trifecta saga, Low Life’s Rob Williams and Matt “D’Israeli” Brooker (They did the stuff with Dirty Frank).

Ordinary is the rare superhero story done for either 2000 AD or Judge Dredd Megazine. The press release touts that “creators publishing stories in the Megazine’s creator-owned slot receive both a page rate AND full control of their property.” That may be enticing for UK-based comics creators. What follows is the “Ordinary” plot description from the press release: Continue reading “Judge Dredd Megazine #340 Gets “Ordinary””

Dredd-less Justice, Simon Bisley Returns, & Darwin in 2000 AD Prog 1848


Where was I?

It’s been a while since I’ve covered the weekly anthology of Thrills. (My sincerest apologies to Tharg the Mighty)

I’ll have to jump onto the strips mid-story, so I’ll share my experiences reading most of them. Will these strips be worth checking back issues? Let’s begin this review. Continue reading “Dredd-less Justice, Simon Bisley Returns, & Darwin in 2000 AD Prog 1848”