Audio Auxiliary: Interview with Reboot's Joe & Sidney

Soon after a successful showing at Def Con, I interviewed the filmmakers of the techno-thriller Reboot, director Joe Kawasaki and producer Sidney Sherman. Both have graciously provided with me a half-hour of insights and experiences about Def Con, the making of the movie, the alternate reality game, Joe’s time in Kuwait, and more.

I have also spoken with star Emily Somers. Her interview can be found below. Here are notes from that interview.

WARNING: I’ll also warn that there static and noise doggedly persisted through my interview with the guys. Strangely, I couldn’t hear any of it during the original call. What you’ll hear has some noise, unfortunately, but it should not destroy the listening experience. Anyway, enjoy their insights in the world of indie movie making!

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Joe & Sidney (Download MP3)

Emily Somers (Download MP3)

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