X-Men: Days of Future Past Review (SPOILERS)


The future, as described in this newest film, is bleak at best. Mutants and humans alike are all but extinct and only the X-Men can rise to the challenge. As humanity’s last hope, Logan must travel five decades into the past to prevent this horrifying future from ever taking place.

This is now my most favorite X-Men movie EVER! Fox has done a wonderful job saving this franchise with its newest installment. Of course, the cast is stellar and has really shown us that the X-Men are a formidable force throughout time. The villains in this movie are not all that they seem at first sight.

You have the beginnings of an all new storyline with these characters and, with the exception of a few, you can see that the characters are going to have a huge impact on the series. I will say that we’ve been waiting on the Sentinels since Last Stand and the wait is well worth it.


Between the future and the past, there are a ton of new faces and exciting times ahead. The addition of every single character does not go unnoticed and each character gets more than enough screen time to whet your appetite. My favorite addition to this bunch would have to be Quicksilver though. His action scene was beyond AMAZING and he really comes off as a character that needs to be utilized to continue the reboot of this series.

But we also have the addition of a much younger William Stryker, Sunspot, Warpath, Bishop, and Blink. The character list for this movie is crazy huge and it shows that Fox really does understand how to make a team movie work and HUGE SPOILER how they can successfully reset a series that was done wrong because the creation of one movie (Last Stand).

If you loved the comic series, then you should get a kick out of a couple of things in this movie. Especially the end credit scene!! In the end, I believe this is a great mixture of both the comic and the cartoon and that people of all X-Men mediums will enjoy this movie.

One last note to Bryan Singer and the Donners. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” I know it is cliche to say but these guys KNOW the X-Men universe. They proved that with the new movie. All I ask is that you keep the fans in mind when continuing this series. The next movie (via the end credit scene) is CRUCIAL to how this series will forever be looked at.