[REVIEW] Why is We Bare Bears: The Movie?

Disclaimer: Warner Bros provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

Also a disclaimer and a warning, I’m a late 30s male who knows about We Bear Bears only due to nieces who watched the show before.

We Bare Bears: The Movie (or WBBM) is a feature-length journey of big brother Grizzly (Eric Edelstein), smartphone-wielding Panda (Bobby Moynihan), and bear of many talents, Ice (Demetri Martin) forced to travel to Canada after causing some city-wide annoyances. This final adventure of the ursine trio would be most enjoyable to fans who stuck with the entire series. As an outsider, WBBM is very silly episode with a few pleasant nods to other WBB characters and a familiar iconic vehicle, a piecemeal plot, and pro-animal messaging muddled by pro-social media antics.

I would’ve liked more of the young bears like in the opening scene with young Grizzly trying to save Panda from a moving train with ninja Ice giving an assist. Kids, curious as they are, are bound to get into some trouble. Seeing the adult bears tear through the San Francisco-ish city ruining people’s days just to get a first dibs for Canadian poutine is far less amusing.

Much of WBBM has the three bears avoiding the clutches of a bear-hating Federal agent named Trout (Marc Evan Jackson). The bears’ rocky road to Canada and later ultimate encounter with Agent Trout has some fun moments. A few segments of WBBM delivers Internet meme overload. The creators of WBBM are trying to make memes so cool that they’re uncool, but that point isn’t effective when the Bears’ chasing social media clout isn’t really questioned. Thinking about the various drawbacks of social media like privacy, kids’ usage drawing negative attention, corporate control, ragebait/clickbait has made me mostly cold on the Internet pastime.

As a DVD, the animation quality is decent, but 480i resolution can go so far after years of watching high definition content. This advance copy of the We Bare Bears: The Movie DVD doesn’t have a ton of special features but is interesting for knowing the movie makers’ thought process. There’s a commentary by Daniel Chong, Manny Hernandez, Lauren Sassen, Mikey Heller, and Kris Mukai on the alternate audio track. This group clearly had lots of fun making WBBM and provides some notes of deciding what to keep, remove, modify, et cetera. Also, there are deleted scenes and animatics but I noticed mostly slight tweaks to story structure and dialogue.

We Bare Bears: The Movie, a nearly 70 minute romp, appeals to pre-teen kids who have no taste but just love to see the awesomeness of the bear stack. 10-year-old me who would think Adam Sandler is the funniest man alive would’ve been one of those kids. As someone prone to receive that generational slur, Boomer, I really expected a little more than just a goofy story.

Thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment for providing a review copy.

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