VH1 Takes "A New Beat" to Drumline


Drumline: A New Beat steps up on VH1 premiering 27 October. The Fox TV Studios-produced sequel swaps genders for the lead as Alexandra Shipp’s Dani Raymond enters the faltering Atlanta A & T Drumline program. However, Nick Cannon will make an appearance, hopefully in a more harmonious role than gossip fodder.

Like any respectable news of a sequel, let’s note the absence of someone who’d later become a major star: Zoe Saldana. Nick Cannon, also an executive producer, is good enough, right?

The plot’s nothing special: an outsider tries to bring musty program back to respectability. What would matter is the interplay with the leads: Raymond interacts with the best friend/cousin, the love interest, and the rival school drumline group.

I’ve dim memories of the original Drumline, but I recall a pleasant trip to a Historically Black College along with Orlando Jones and J. Anthony Brown bringing some esteem as the students’ mentors. A New Beat should re-capture the fun chemistry of the original cast.

I’m not making Drumline: A New Beat appointment TV, but I may peek at during VH1’s one-zillion repeats.

Author: Clarence

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