Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel's Latest Spectacle, Fails to Earn West Week Ever

Will West posted his latest takes on pop culture which begins with the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, leads off. I haven’t seen it yet, but I liked Ragnarok and knowing Taika Waititi is directing this sequel assures that Love should have a similar tone. A tongue-sometimes-in-cheek tone I dread.

Will has a balanced take on Love and Thunder. His thoughts are of a movie that is aimless with too much silliness going on for Love to really have deep dramatic impact. He ranks the MCU Phase Four literally without a clear favorite. IMO, there are too many shows in Phase Four for me to really, REALLY enjoy the movies. That said, I liked No Way Home most.

Thor: Love and Thunder has mixed critical response with Rotten Tomatoes split 68% Fresh from critics and 79% from audiences as I type this.

Also on West Week Ever, he discusses the trailer for Rob Zombie’s Munsters movie. That’s the third revival I know of with Munsters Today (too cheap) and Mockingbird Lane (too expensive). Nothing will top the original Munsters because of the great casting and that the 60s setting gives the monster family a clear contrast between the straight-and-narrow squares and the alternatives/counter-culture.

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