Salvage Mice Review

Directed by Ryuta Tasaki. Subtitled.
Original title: Sarubêji maisu.

This movie wants us to learn about friendship and seeing wonders outside your hometown? Nah, let’s see these ladies fight! Two hooves out of four.

Source: IMP Awards

In Hiroshima, Mai (Mistuki Tanimura) and Malik (Tomohito Sato) are the Salvage Mice, takers of museum valuables to return to their original owners. After Malik turns on Mai and frames her during one of their un-heists, Mai needs a new partner. Enter the spirited Mio (Julia Nagano) who protects her city from filth, literally and figuratively. Together, they seek to end Malik & Wealthy Western Big Bad’s (Google-fu failed me on finding his name) run on stealing museum treasures.

Mai and Mio walk through various parts of Hiroshima in scenes of awkward bonding. Director Tasaki wants to showcase the Hiroshima scenery, but it’s underwhelming. Romantic chemistry between Mio and fellow Hiroshima Cleans employee Takemaru (Seiya Osada) is non-existent. Wealthy Western Big Bad’s most menacing feature is his lips poorly syncing with his dialogue. Obviously, the highlights are the fights, even they’re not edited smoothly at times. The movie’s livelier when Mai, Mio, and a villainous woman in white get their chance to kick butt.

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