Pixar's Bravest Antagonists

Challenge: Find the bravest antagonists from the works of Pixar.

Difficulty: Very hard. Bravest doesn’t mean best!

A note about Brave

Based on descriptions I’ve read, the antagonist seems to be very rugged and tough. Antagonist’s courage is built upon previous encounters with foes. As I haven’t seen Brave yet, you decide whether that movie’s mean obstructionist is one of the bravest.

The antagonist’s identity is the third from bottom of this cast list. Now, onto the list proper.

Charles F. Muntz (Up)

Until he snapped against former fanboy Carl, Muntz was a daring legend. He had his own zeppelin, “The Spirit of Adventure” and filled it with dog servants. Those dogs were endowed with technology that are the dreams of scientists. He stuck it out in an exotic someplace in South America.

He was very brave, but also very paranoid.

Gus the Gray Cloud (Partly Cloudy)

This fellow was really depressed. He, like the other clouds, creates babies then gives them to storks for delivery. Unfortunately, Gus gave his stork, Peck, a hard time by making some prickly animals (porcupine, crocodile, bighorn). These creatures are nowhere near the cute babies of legend.

In the end, Gus and Peck become effective cooperators with the help of Peck’s protective equipment. Gus avoids a more-than-cloudy fate by not scattering into water vapor.

Darla Sherman (Finding Nemo)

Darla’s overeager about fish. She loves fish as pets. She may even want to love them, squeeze them, and call them George.

Darla was outsmarted by Nemo, Dory, and their fish tank friends. Meanwhile, she’ll continue her shameless devotion to aquatic life. Maybe a shark will finally have enough of her antics?

My impressive list is done. What would be your picks?

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