Night Sweats (2019) Movie Review

NOTE: Screener copy provided for review.

Aloof New York City stages solid, but not provocative if one’s paying attention, indie thriller. Skater’s sexy night ends in roommate’s bizarre death. He finds cause of death while eluding corrupt antagonists. Two leads’ chemistry’s fine, but not fiery.

Expanded, spoiler-light review.

Night Sweats is told in lower-class parts of the Big Apple where the glamour of Manhattan is always distant. Yuri, a skateboarder who moves to NYC (Kyle DeSpiegler), is enjoying the company of Mary Kate (Mary Elaine Ramsey). Their session of coitus is interrupted by the vomiting death of Yuri’s friend (John Francomacaro). From there, Yuri uncovers the cause of friend’s death while avoiding a motorcycle man (Brett Azar) and the fury of a self-help company president (John Wesley Shipp). When the ending reveal happens, it’s not very shocking if one’s paying attention to a certain character’s reactions.

Overall, I enjoyed Night Sweats. The chemistry between Yuri and M.K. lacks spark, but I don’t fault the actors. With the exception of Shipp’s blustering, the plot and low-key atmosphere typical of indie films doesn’t allow over-emoting. I can’t immediately place which true events Night Sweats is based upon, but the disaster that would occur if the plot happened on a wide scale is creepy to think about.

Directed by Andrew Lyman-Clarke. Written by Clarke from a story by Seth Panman. Runtime: 99 minutes.

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