Man of Steel, Movies of Plot Holes



I’m sure you’re in awe (or in disgust???) of the new Man of Steel trailer. MoS will hopefully wipe clean the Supes movie slate 25 years after Superman IV.

There’s something about Superman that brings out the nitpickers in us. I won’t think too much about how Superman shaves. I’m not even bothered about Pa Kent seemingly having no concern for the people on the bus because he’s torn about losing his adopted son.

As much as I enjoy I & II, Superman III and IV are only enjoyable in an MST3K sense and Superman Returns is a miscalculation slavish to the Donner/Lester framework. I’ve stumbled on Twin Perfect’s harsh criticisms of the Superman movies. I do agree with the commentator that Lois Lane is a poor, inconsiderate match for Superman’s needs. But Lois is inseparable from Superman lore; the MoS filmmakers should put more thought in her character.

Directors like Richards Donner and Lester and Bryan Singer did not place air-tight drama as a high priority. Superman movies are about the big picture, the singular hero inspiring the world. I’ve seen the movies several times, so I’m not spoiled by the spotlight on plot holes. What issues do you have about Superman movies, including the upcoming Man of Steel?

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