Who You Gonna Call To Get This Ghostbusters II Fan Project Made?


What kind of guy starts a Ghostbusters II fan project? Not the Ghostbusters franchise in general with the various movies, toys, comics, etc. Not even Filmation’s Ghostbusters, the wannabe that actually predates the 1984 smash hit. Bradley Bjornstad from Eugene, Oregon is asking for a whopping $100,000 for both a documentary about the Ghostbuster II production and an extended cut made with the addition of cut footage.

Why would a Hollywood outsider ask for so much? Who is he gonna call to help him reach his goals?

VISIT: Bjornstad’s Kickstarter: “GHOSTBUSTERS 2 – The Original Vision / Extended Cut”

I really liked Ghostbusters II as a kid, but I’ve no interest watching it now. What was funny and awesome in the 1984 blockbuster became tired in the 1989 sequel. While there are some amusing moments in the first half, Ghostbusters II becomes a rehash of the original. Just watch the Ghostbusters company start again, replace Gozer the Gozerian with Vigo the Carpathian and saving Dana with saving her infant child. Also, Ghostbusters II is pandering to the younger Ghostbuster fans. How else would that explain Janine’s makeover, Slimer’s heroic turn, and the NES Advantage, of all things, controlling the Statue of Liberty?

Enough of ME sharing part of my childhood.

Going back to the Kickstarter project, Bjornstad notes that a substantial portion will be towards a new cut. However, how much money will be spend trying to interview people like the mercurial Bill Murray or the retired Rick Moranis? How will Bjornstad, who’s only a fan, establish trust with the show business pros at Sony/Columbia Pictures? Who will he assign the task of completing missing special effects? I’d believe in success of the project if he’s shared with us his “ins” to the filmmakers and production company.

Also, I’m content with Slimer’s cameo offering Louis, an emergency Ghostbuster, a bus ride to that slime-covered place the Busters were stopping Vigo. I’m not persuaded that seeing Louis’ training with Slimer will improve the movie.

Attempting a definitive version of a movie isn’t a new idea. Read the stories about how Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut and Ridley Scott’s “Final Cut” of Blade Runner got made. People with strong connections with Hollywood like Charles de Lauzirika (Scott) and Michael Thau (Donner) had to work hard to make those special editions happen.

As I write this, Bjornstad’s project has about two weeks to get its 100 grand, but it’s hasn’t reached $10,000. Weird stuff can happen and I’m not totally counting things out. Maybe Dan Aykroyd will hoist a Crystal Head Vodka in support of the project. Who knows?

It’s amusing to see how a fan’s ambition with working with the Mega-Corp grabs headlines. If successful, redeeming Ghostbusters 2 via Kickstarter campaign will be a contender for pop culture feel-good story of 2013. Bjornstad’s enthusiasm alone can’t get me to buy his hype. Since I’m done with the editorial, I’ll leave you with footage from NEW Ghostbusters 2, the NES game released outside North America:

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  1. You got names and titles switched on the Superman II/Blade Runner producer portion of the article. Charles de Lauzirika produced the Blade Runner: Final Cut. Michael Thau produced the Superman II: Richard Donner Cut.

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